Top Twenty Body Transformations For A Movie Role


Actors Who Went Through Extreme Body Transformations for a movie Role.A lot of actors take their job very seriously and really make an effort to get deep into their character. Here we have some celebrities who either gained weight (i.e. became fat), lost weight (i.e. got really skinny) or got fit (i.e. made some muscle)

20Charlie Sheen built muscles for Hot Shots! Part Deux

19Russell Crowe gained 63lbs for Body of Lies

18Jake Gyllenhaal gained 25lbs of muscle for Jarhead

17Ben Stiller build some muscles for Tropic Thunder

16George Clooney gained 30lbs of fat for Syriana

Warner Bros.

15Christian Bale packed on quite a bit of muscle of Batman Begins

14Linda Hamilton toned up really well for Terminator 2

13Hilary Swank put on a lot of muscle of Million Dollar Baby

12Mr. Stallone put on about 40 lbs of fat for Copland

11Tom Hanks lost about 50lbs for his movie Cast Away

10Renee Zellweger gained a lot of weight for both Bridget Jones movies

9Demi Moore gained muscle for G.I.Jane doing one arm pushups

8Jessica Biel gained some really defined muscles for Blade Trinity

7Matt Damon lost 40lbs for Courage Under Fire

6Gerard Butler gained muscle for 300

5Ed Norton (yeah the skinny dude) gained muscles for America History X

4Charlize Theron became ugly and gained a lot of weight for Monster

3Eric Bana Ballooned up for his role in Chopper

2Ryan Renolds packed on some serious muscle for the Blade movies

1Christian Bale lost about 70lbs in 3 months for the Machinist


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