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Alicia Vikander Biography/ Wiki | How Much is Alicia Vikander Worth?

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Alicia Vikander in Anna Karenina (2012)

Alicia Vikander net worth in 2020 is $8 million. Alicia Amanda Vikander is a Swedish actress well known for versatility. She was born on 3 October 1988. Her age is 31 years. Alicia Vikander received Academy Award in The Danish Girl 2015 for her amazing performance. Alicia’s mother Maria Fahl is stage stress and her father was a Psychiatrist. In the start, she studies dance at the Royal Swedish School, but she has many injuries that required surgeries than she decided to start acting.

Alicia Vikander height is 5′ 6″ (1.68 m) and weighs about 53 Kg (117 pounds). Her hair colour is Black and eyes colour is Dark Brown. Her body measurements are 34-24-34½ inches and her Bra Size is 34A.

Alicia Vikander starts her career with Swedish short films and television, Second Avenue is the most memorable dram serial she ever had on the television. Alicia’s awarded the best actress for her feature film debut. Anna Karenina with Keira KnightleyJude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a game changer for Alicia’s career and increases her appearance internationally.  She achieved an Oscar award already and she is a very talented actress.

Alicia’s parents separated when she was only 2 months ago her life was too hard but he never stops and reaches the top point now she was one of the best and famous actresses in Hollywood. She owns a production house company and soon she was launching her own film.

Alicia Vikander is one of the top rated actresses these days in Hollywood and she charges very high for her rolls. She always performs her role perfectly and viewers love to see her in upcoming movies. Alicia has a huge fan following in Hollywood and she is very active on social media and always keep in touch with her followers. She owns an Oscar at a very young age which is a huge achievement itself. Let’s discuss more Alicia Vikander life, career, net worth and some amazing facts about her.


She trained as a ballet dancer in early childhood at the School of American Ballet and Royal Swedish Ballet School. Alicia does not love studies at all.


Alicia’s Vikander father, Svante Vikander, is a physiatrist and Alicia Vikander mother, Maria Fahm Vikander, is a stage actress. Alicia parents separated when she was born. She has 5 siblings from her father side. Alicia Vikander husband, Micheal Fassbender is her co-star.

Alicia has a short family and she always respects her parents and still asks for their permeation for decisions. She always shares scripts of movies with her parents and asks for their permission to take part in a new movie. She always goes to her father house and meet her siblings and spend a happy time with them she cares about her family. After her birth parents got separated but she loves both with the heart and never let them feel down she always wants to look her family happy.

Career/ Filmography

  • She started her career from Televisions, she appears in many telefilms and TV serials since 2002, later on, he starts her short films career in 2006.
  • Feature film debut is a great film and gave her a ‘Rising Star’ award it’s a game changer for her and she touches the peak of international famousness.
  • Later on, in 2011, she took the lead role in the Swedish drama film, Crown jewels. She represented her as a woman who was arrested for attempt to murder. Anna Karenina, Queen Caroline is her best films too.

Major Works

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Daniel Wu and Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider (2018)

Her major work is The Danish Girl with Eddie Redmayne, Amber Heard in 2015, this is her best work so far and she gets Academy Award for the best supporting actor for the great performance. This is a game changer for Alicia’s career after that she touches the heights of famousness.

Alicia Vikander Movies/ Filmography

Alicia Vikander movies:

  • Ex Machina (2014)
    (Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller,)
  • A Royal Affair (2012)
    (Drama, History, Romance)
  • Testament of Youth (2014)
    (Biography, Drama, War)
  • A man from UNCLE (2015)
    (Action, Adventure)
  • Light Between Oceans (2016)
    (Drama, Romance)
  • Danish Girl (2015)
    (Drama, Romance, Biography)
  • Pure (2010)
  • Tomb Raider (2018)
    (Mystery, Thriller, Action, Drama)


Academy Awards (Oscars). Alicia owns an Oscar award.

  • Best Supporting Role performance (2016) for The Danish Girl (2015)

Alicia Vikander Net Worth 2020

Alicia Vikander is a very rich and top actress of Hollywood. As of 2020, Alicia Vikander net worth is estimated about $8 million. She is in the list of the richest female actress in the Hollywood industry. She is very talented and her net worth increasing day by day.

The net worth of Alicia Vikander is increasing day by day she charges much high than other female actresses. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Alicia’s is considered most rich in the Hollywood industry and she is beating many female actresses with her abilities and earning pretty much than others.

Personal Life & Legacy

  • She starts dating with her co-star Michael Fassbender during work in 2016. Alicia Vikander got married to Michael in 2017 and they both are living in Lisbon, Portugal. They both love each other and living a happy life in Portugal. The proved their love and the happiest couple in the Hollywood industry.
  • Alicia always speaks about gender inequalities and she was a feminist. Alicia Vikander signed a letter in 2017 which contains several accounts of sexual harassments, rape and assault suffered by women in Swedish industry, Later it was published in a Swedish newspaper.

Some Interesting and Unknown Facts About Alicia Vikander

Some of the fierce facts you must know about Alicia are:

  • Alicia still asks her parents for doing films, she always respects her parents and takes their advice for doing something. She always discusses all the details of her roles in the films and takes their permission to take part in any new film.
  • Alicia is the owner of a production company. She recently launches her own production company.
  • Alicia is badass in her real life too she is a strong woman with no fears.
  • Alicia gains 12 LBS for Lara Croft role. It’s not a simple task for women to build muscles but she managed it.
  • Alicia is an unlucky croft.
  • She has an Oscar award which is a great achievement for any actor or actress.

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