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Bruce Lee Biography / Wiki

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon (1973)
Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon (1973)

The birth name of Bruce Lee was Lee Jun-fan. He was born in a Chinese Hospital located in China Town, San Francisco on 27th of November, 1940. He was a Hong Kong – American. Bruce Lee was a director, an actor, a martial artist as well as a martial arts instructor but above all, he was a philosopher. His role in the film industry in the west is truly a remarkable one as he completely changed the views of how Asian people were depicted in Western movies.

Bruce Lee died on the 20th of July 1973 at a very young age of 32.

Bruce Lee height was 5 feet and 7.5 inches or 171 cm. His weight was 141 lbs. or 64 kg. Body measurements of Bruce Lee are expected to be 104 cm or 41 inches chest, 37 cm or 14.5 inches arms or biceps and81 cm or 32 inches waist. He had an athletic build a toned physique and had quick reflexes. His hair color and eye color was black. He was an Atheist and has multicultural race and Ethnicity.


Bruce Lee completed his initial education in Hong Kong from Tak Sun School and got enrolled in La Salle College when he was 12 years old. Due to a weak academic background. Later on, he had to move forward to St. Francis Xavier’s College. After shifting to the United States he enrolled in Edison Technical School and completed his education from the University of Washington as a leading role in the drama industry.

He also studied Western philosophy and Asian philosophy at the university. As for the martial art training, he started his training at the age of 16 in Wing Chun martial arts from a legendary martial artist named Yip Man.


Bruce Lee mother was Grace Ho who was a Cantonese and German descent and his father was Lee Hoi-Chuen who was of Cantonese ancestry. His father was an Opera and film actor. Bruce Lee was the fourth among the five siblings. The older sisters were Phoebe Lee and Agnes Lee, then an older brother Peter Lee and a younger brother Robert Lee. Robert Lee the younger brother of Bruce Lee is a musician by profession.

Bruce Lee Net Worth

Total Net Worth of Bruce Lee is estimated to be 10 million USD. It should be noted that this is about the old times and hence Bruce Lee was one of the richest actors of his time.

Bruce Lee Filmography / Career

Bruce Lee started his career with his first TV show from 1966 to 1977. He appeared on ABC action series, The Green Hornet in 26 episodes and played the role of superhero Kato. Whereas his first film appearance was in the year 1969 in “Marlowe” a neo-noir movie in a starring role.

Bruce Lee appeared in a total of 8 television series and 8 films. One of those films was “Game of Death II” which is also known as “Tower of Death”, Lee died before the production of this film and hence his scenes for this film are taken from Lee’s other films.

The Television shows in which Bruce Lee appeared are:

  • The Green Hornet in 1966–1967 as Kato
  • Batman in 1966–1967 as Kato
  • Ironside in 1967 as Leon Soo
  • Blondie in 1969 as Karate Instructor
  • Here Come the Brides in 1969 as Lin
  • Enjoy Yourself Tonight in 1970–1973 as Himself
  • Longstreet in 1971 as Li Tsung
  • The Pierre Berton Show in 1971 as Himself

The Films in which Bruce Lee appeared are:

  • Marlowe as Winslow Wong in 1969
  • The Big Boss as Cheng Chao-an in 1971
  • Fist of Fury which is also known as The Chinese Connection as Chen Zhen in 1972
  • The way of the Dragon / Return of Dragon as Tang Lung in 1972
  • Game of Death as Hai Ten in 1972
  • Enter the Dragon as Lee in 1973
  • The Real Bruce Lee in 1979. It was posted death film about him and he filmed it before his death.
  • Game of Death II / Tower or Death in 1981

Bruce Lee Girlfriends/ Affairs

Bruce Lee met the love of his life Linda Lee Cadwell during his study at the University of Washington. Linda was studying at the university to become a teacher. They started dating and got married in 1964, August. They had two children, a son Brandon Lee in 1965 and a daughter Shannon Lee in 1969. Linda Lee Cadwell worked diligently for promoting the martial arts style of Bruce Lee and in making her husband’s legacy popular after the death of Bruce Lee. She died in the year 1973.

Some Interesting Facts about Bruce Lee

  1. Bruce Lee won a number of Awards which are as follows:
  • Lifetime achievement award, a Hong Kong film award in the year 1994.
  • Star of the century Award which is also a Hong Kong Film award in the year 2004. Other than these he won 2 Golden Horse Awards in the year 1972 for his film Fist of Fury. The two awards being
  • Best Mandarin Film
  • Special Jury Award
  1. Bruce Lee was very fond of street fighting in his younger ages and had to leave Hong Kong because of a brutal beating.
  2. Bruce Lee was able to do pushups on one finger and he had the ability to do pushups with a 250-pound man on his back.
  3. He gave martial arts training to some of the most popular actors which include James Bond and George Lazenby.
  4. Bruce Lee’s martial arts training center in Los Angeles was a highly popular one and he charged a high amount of $250 per hour.
  5. Bruce Lee was trained by the famous Yip man and he often had to face discrimination because of his mixed ancestry by his fellow students.

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