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Carrie Underwood Net Worth
Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Net Worth in 2020 is estimated to be $140 million. Carrie Underwood is a famous singer, songwriter, and actress. Born on March 10, 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States. Carrie Underwood age is 37 years.

While we relate with most musical acts in the hip hop industry, there are so exceptional few who have made it far in the industry without them delving into the line of music that people love to rock their bodies to. Rather they engage in content-driven vocals that end up edifying the souls of their many listeners.

The personality of Carrie Underwood is one of such great people. However, her rise to fame has been as a result of passion which was rewarded in one of the editions of the American Idol, it was discovered that she had the kind of voice that could sell out to so many people from wide and far. The funny truth is that, although her vocals are meant to edify lives all around the world, she has released songs that have also topped the billboards in the musical world of so many countries, and because of this, she has stayed relevant to so many people over the years. Carrie Underwood height is 1.60 m or 5 feet 3 inches.

There was particularly one of her songs which was notable in the country music genre of music and it has been sung and re sung by many people in the Christian world, which makes her a top-notch vocalist that is worthy of our edition of musical giants.

  • Full Name/ Real Name: Carrie Marie Underwood
  • Age (as in 2020): 37 years
  • Birth Date/ Birthday : March 10, 1983
  • Nickname: Carrie
  • Hometown: Muskogee, Oklahoma, U.S.
  • Nationality : American
  • Father Name: Stephen Underwood
  • Mother Name: Carole Underwood
  • Husband: Mike Fisher (m. 2010)
  • Zodiac sign/ Sun sign: ‎Pisces
  • Body Measurements: 34-23-33 inches
  • Waist Size – 23 inches
  • Hip Size – 33 inches
  • Height: 160 cm or 5 feet 3 inches or 1.60 m
  • Weight: almost 53 kgs or 117 lbs
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Net Worth in 2020 (Approx): $140 million
  • Social Links: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,


She was birthed to the family of Steve and Carole Underwood. She was born into a family of five, her two older sisters, herself and her parents. While growing up, she was raised on her family farm in a remote area of America, so rather than sing her normal songs, the environment in which she grew up in had a major influence on her unique sound which is notable within her own genre of musical creations.

Early Life and Education

Carrie Underwood was born on the 10th day of March 1983 in Oklahoma, America.

Carrie Underwood Net Worth
Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty

When Carrie was just a little girl, she performed at a talent hunt show within the vicinity of her local area and was also a member of her church choir. At that point in time too, she took her passion beyond just the Church and local shows to even events that she was constantly invited to perform at.

At the age of fourteen years of age, one of Carrie’s fans planned for her to get auditioned in Nashville and she did actually go and it was then that she met up with Capitol Records and was ready to sign a contract with them until the management of the company changed and she couldn’t sign the contract anymore. This was supposed to be more like a major setback for Carrie, but she was not set back by what had actually happened. Instead, she continued on the pathway of passion.

While Carrie was yet a girl in high school, she was in the Honor Society and she also loved the game of basketball and softball. As the years rolled by, she added cheerleading to one of those things that she did while in school. However, when she graduated from high school, she was certain that what she wanted to do was not to just sing, she was keen about focusing on her future, and if one needs to learn anything about her from that, it would be that she has always been focused, even as she was just a little girl.

Carrie went on to the Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, and it was there that she bagged a degree in Mass Communication and majored more on journalism. The truth about Carrie was that although she studied Mass Communication while she was in school, at the same time she worked in different organizations after she was through with school. This depicts her as one who could work seamlessly in any organization and this adds a whole lot to her musical personality.

Many people do not actually know, but while Carrie was in the University, she still went on singing at the Downtown region of her alma mater, and then she competed in numerous beauty pageants, of which she ended up as a runner up in one of those beauty pageants in the year 2004. One line that can best describe the personality of Carrie is that she is a hustler par excellence, one who understands what she wants out of life and she makes enough efforts to ensure that she attains success at all of her endeavors.


Carrie Underwood Net Worth
Carrie Underwood’s Love Wins

The professional musical life of Carrie Underwood started with the audition for the American Idol in the year 2004. As at the time that she was auditioning and while she presented her own song for the edition of Idol, one of the judges at that point in time was quoted to have said that with the kind of voice that Carrie had, she was apt to win the edition of the Idol.

While she was at the Idol, she grew to have a fan base of supporters and at the end of the entire show, she won the edition of the American Idol which enabled her to have a record deal worth a lot of millions and so many added advantages to her musical life. The winning of that edition of the show was a dream come true for Carrie who spurred to the limelight of her career afterward.

Carrie Underwood Net Worth in 2020

As of 2020, Carrie Underwood Net Worth is estimated at more than $140 millions. The net worth of Carrie Underwood include her earning from songs, own business, partnerships with various brands and earnings from her social media accounts.


When one examines the life of Carrie Underwood, one can easily tell that she is a product of Grace and this is properly reflected in her genre of music. Right from her rural and human locality, someone who liked her vocals helped her to meet the Capitol Records, later on, she was separated because of her voice, and the same voice became a breakthrough point for her, this was regardless of the fact that she graduated from University. It is all a life of Grace.

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