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Chris Brown Net Worth 2020, Height, Age, Wiki, Biography, Family & More

Chris Brown Biography/ Wiki | How Much is Chris Brown Worth?

Chris Brown Net Worth
Chris Brown

Chris Brown net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $50 million. Christopher Maurice Brown was born on the 5th of May 1989, and beyond his birth and into the light of stardom, Chris Brown is regarded as a songwriter, singer, actor and a mainframe dancer with so many awards on his respective areas of passion. Chris Brown age is 31 years.

The hip hop world has indeed some rare talents delve into it, and at the same time, they have created for themselves within the industry, a haven that is worthy of all encomium that they can get. Chris Brown height is 1.85 m or 6 feet 1 inches.

The personality of Chris Brown is one of such rare individuals, and if by chance it does escape ones mind about what awesome voice Chris Brown possesses, it is likely at one relative point or the other, that one has heard about his dancing prowess and his ability to win the crowd with his seamless stage performances. He is by far one of the best creative minds that we have in the music industry, and this is apparent in the number of shows that he gets on a yearly basis and also the numbers of collaboration that he has gotten because of his ability to bring something new to the musical table at every time that he is called upon.

  • Real Name/ Full name: Christopher Maurice Brown
  • Age (as in 2020): 31 years
  • Birth Date/ Birthday : May 5, 1989
  • Nickname: Chris Breezy, CB
  • Hometown: Tappahannock, Virginia, U.S.
  • Nationality : American
  • Father Name: Clinton Brown
  • Mother Name: Joyce Hawkins
  • Wife: NA
  • Zodiac sign/ Sun sign: Taurus
  • Body Measurements: chest: 41 inches, Waist: 33 inches, Biceps: 14 inches
  • Height: 185 cm or 6 feet 1 inches or 1.85 m
  • Weight: almost 82 kgs or 181 lbs
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Net Worth in 2020 (Approx): $50 million
  • Social Links: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace

Family and Early Life

Chris Brown was born in Virginia and the names of his parents are Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. Chris Brown was born into a family of four which includes himself, his parents and his elder sister Lytrell Bundy who works in a Bank in the United States.

While he was growing up, he grew very fond of the musical collections that his parents owned, and this was where he drew his passion for singing from. After a very short while, he began to show some enormous interest in dancing, and it would surprise many to know that from a very tender age, he had always had Michael Jackson as his role model and the musical icon is who he sees as his dance model.

While he was still growing up, his parents had a divorce which had a very massive effect on him emotionally, after that point in time, his mother did get involved with a new boyfriend who always abused his mother. This further aggravated the emotional stress that he went through, but this did not kill the musical passion and love for dance that he always had in him, from when he was much younger.

Chris Brown Net Worth
Chris Brown

He personally developed his dancing skills and also his vocals. His mother realized that he was very good with his voice and this was because he was in the church choir, and after a while, he and his mother worked as a team in a bid to see to it that he gets a musical deal that would propel him beyond the limiting factors to his dreams.

Owing to his background and what he passed through as a kid, one can easily say that Chris Brown was from a middle-class family, but he did not allow the obvious challenges of his childhood reality to get the best of the potentials that he had in him. Rather, those challenges led him to be the better person that we know him as today.


While Chris was just a young boy of thirteen, playing around his father’s workplace, he was discovered by a small group of talent hunt experts who had come patronize his father’s workplace. It was almost like a dream come true because at that point he was pretty young and discovering the talent which he had in him, his parents had begun looking around for a recording company that could help Chris achieve so much with the raw talents which he had in him. The talent hunt team that found Chris on that day, helped to train his voice and soon enough they linked him up with a recording company that was situated at New York.

It was in New York that Jive Records got to know about the awesomeness that Chris Brown embodied and that began his professional musical career. At that point, what was supposed to be more like a child’s play for Chris Brown, began a phase in his life that change his life for good. In the year 2004, Chris Brown got signed to Jive Records and in the year 2005, he released a single that ended up figuring him out as a boy who had so many potentials in him.

After that point in time, Brown had some major collaborations with some other awesome musical acts in the industry and then he went on to release some awesome albums that added to his stardom.

Chris Brown Net Worth
Chris Brown’s Back To Love

Till date, Chris Brown has won so many awards to his credit and is still in the conscious act of producing awesome contents which make him loved by so many people from wide and far. However, like so many other musical acts in the American music industry, he did not have more than his basic education and high school education, before he moved to New York to focus more on his musical career. This movement was what changed his life, and it was immensely inspired by the fact that there were young people like him who have made it real good for themselves in New York with some outstanding record labels.

Chris Brown Net Worth in 2020

As of 2020, Chris Brown Net Worth is estimated at more than $50 millions. The net worth of Chris Brown include his earning from songs, own business, partnerships with various brands and earnings from his social media accounts.


Chris Brown has made it real good for himself because of his ability to just be himself. All of the times that he was a boy and just singing his songs, he was simply doing that because he loved to sing, when he started dancing and also teaching himself how to dance, it was because he was interested in dancing. His intents as a young boy was not to become a star, but rather because he loved doing what he was doing.

When he was discovered by the talent group that found him, they saw that he was good at what he loved doing, and this was the break of a new ground for the Chris Brown that we hear about today. His breakthrough was borne out of passion and a life of commitment towards what he loved doing, and this really paid off for him.

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