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Kanye West Biography/ Wiki | How Much is Kanye West Worth?

Kanye West Net Worth
Kanye West Runaway ft. Pusha T

Kanye West Net Worth in 2020 is estimated at more than $3.2 Billion. When it comes to the hip hop industry, some people have made it really good for themselves, but rather than just the music industry, some of those who have a firm standing have made it really far because they love to make use of controversies and their investment line to strive to the top of the ladder, especially when it comes to the aspect of social relevance.

Kanye West is one of those people and if there is anything that anyone should know about Kanye West, it is the fact that he is constantly in the news for one reason or the other, and most of the times, it is not because of his musical affiliations but rather because of the way that he chooses to live his life on a daily basis. Kanye West is also known for his undying love for his family, and when it comes to having controversies with people, you have crossed the wrong path when you begin to insult Kanye West’s family.

The reason why we chose Kanye West for this edition is not far fetched from the fact that he is a unique blend of artistry, controversies and also his love for his family and business.

Quick Facts

  • Real Name/ Full name: Kanye Omari West
  • Age (as in 2020): 42 years
  • Birth Date/ Birthday : 8 June 1977
  • Nickname: Ye, The Louis Vuitton Don, Konman, Yeezy
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Nationality : American
  • Father Name: Ray West
  • Mother Name: Donda West
  • Wife: Kim Kardashian (m. 2014)
  • Zodiac sign/ Sun sign: Gemini
  • Body Measurements: chest: 42 inches, Waist: 32 inches, Biceps: 16 inches
  • Height: 173 cm or 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 m
  • Weight: almost 75 kgs or 163 lbs
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • First Album: The College Dropout (2004)
  • Net Worth(Approx): $3.2 Billion
  • Social Links: SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace


Kanye Omari West was born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta Georgia. While he was just a little boy at barely three years of age, his parents got divorced and because of that fact, his mother had to relocate with him to Chicago. The name of his father is Ray West and he is a renowned photojournalist. His mother’s name is Donda C. West and she was a professor of English but that was until she eventually retired and took up the job of a business manager.

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Early Life

As for his early school life, it is on record that whenever Kanye is asked about how he performed in his elementary and high schools, he is fond of talking about the way he topped his way through, and so if one is to accept one thing about Kanye, it would be the fact that he is smart and he is fond of rubbing it in, especially whenever he has the opportunity to do that. While there are many talks about Kanye’s early life, it is worthy of mention to note that there was a point in time when he and his mother had to migrate to China, because of her lecturing job, and even though Kanye was the only foreigner among the students in his class, he fitted well into the class and still came out with awesome grades.

Unlike so many other artists and musicians that pick up the love for music when they were yet teenagers, Kanye West had a deep flair for art, poetry, and music since he was just five years of age, and for so long, he carried on with that flair. Well, it seems like at the end of the day, the long years of hard work and passion did add up in the end.

As time went on, when Kanye was only in his third grade, he had an undying passion for rapping and this his mother noticed but continued to support him anyway. Eventually, before Kanye graduated from high school he had started composing beats and selling them out to other artists, and then he had already started rapping over the beats that he made himself. Seeing things as they were, his mother continued supporting him so long as he did not swerve along with the cliche that other artists would usually delve into, and that was dropping out of school.

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At graduation from high school, Kanye got a scholarship to study in an art college, but soon after that time, he discovered that his passion for music was dying because he needed to study hard in college. This made him drop out of college and although it was so hard to convince his mother that that was what his life’s dreams warranted, she nevertheless had to accept him anyway.

With Kanye West, one can easily conclude that a goal was already set from the point when he discovered his passion for music, he easily could have decided to be the bookworm that the society expected him to be, but he chose passion and his goals over being merely book smart, and this although being a rare step that a young man would take, ended up paying off for him.

Kanye West Net Worth in 2020

As of 2020, Kanye West Net Worth is estimated at more than $3.2 Billion. The net worth of Kanye West include his earning from songs, own business, partnerships with various brands and earnings from his social media accounts.

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Kanye West Net Worth
Kanye West’s Power

The professional life of Kanye West started a little early for him. First, he started producing beats because he had passion for music, and then after that point in time, he started selling the beats that he made to local musicians which were around the vicinity where he lived. After a while, he soon realized that he had an added flair for sampling beats, and this he did and gained proficiency over when he joined a local group where he was a ghost producer for a short while.

His coming under the spotlight started in the year 2000 when he started producing for renowned names in the music industry. At this point he was a rapper alongside a producer, he had two major distinctions that could make him prosper and used that to gain a firm stance in the music industry.

Later on, he went on to create his own record label which he named “Good Music,” and this record label got him more acceptance in the industry especially because of his known tenacity at what he does.

Outside of music, he has a very strong leaning with the fashion industry as he has collaborated with topnotch clothing manufacturers to create his own fashion brand. Most of his life has gained media coverage and this is owed to the fact that he loves doing things out of the box.

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  • The College Dropout (2004)
  • Late Registration (2005)
  • Graduation (2007)
  • 808s & Heartbreak (2008)
  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)
  • Yeezus (2013)
  • The Life of Pablo (2016)
  • Ye (2018)


Kanye West is not just a name that can be reckoned with over the world, the name has won him a lot of awards and this is because of the fact that he knows exactly what he is doing at every crucial point in his life. While it is true that controversies that revolve around him, have helped his fame, it is also a clear cut fact that he is a force to reckon with when it comes to fashion and musical performance.

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