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Denzel Washington Biography

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Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 2 (2018)

Denzel Washington is 64 years old American actor, producer, and director. His official date of birth is December, 28. 1954. Place of birth is Mount Vernon, New York, USA. Denzel Washington net worth in 2019 is $190 Million.

It easy to earn fame than to earn respect, Washington earned both. He is among the most honorable Hollywood celebrities of all times. He is tall (approximately 6 feet), dark and handsome person. Denzel Washington height is approximately 6 feet (183 cm). He weighs about 176 lbs or 80 Kg. His hair color is Black and eyes color is Brown. His outstanding performance in movies is a reflection of his unique style and grace.

Denzel Washington education

Denzel started his education from a local school ‘Pennington-Grimes Elementary School.’ He studied there for almost 8 years. He was equally active in extracurricular activities. As a member of the Boy and Girls Club of America, he also appeared in the talent show. But after his parents got divorced he changed his school as well. He started going to a private preparatory school. Later he was also sent to Oakland Military Academy. According to D. Washington, it was a life-changing experience.

He was enrolled in college to study journalism. At Fordham University he took his B.A degree in Drama and journalism in 1977.

He was unable to decide his field. He thought about law, medicine, and many other fields before he actually entered in the acting field. He worked in an overnight camp of Arts, and his work was admired by his colleagues, they encouraged him for acting.

Denzel Washington Family

His mother was into the beauty business. She used to run a beauty parlor and his father was a Pentecostal Minister. He also served in the water department. Apart from his public sector jobs he also worked for a private departmental store.

His parents got separated when Denzel was 14 years of age. After the separation of his parents, he stayed with his mother. She managed living and education by her own earning.
D. Washington House and Cars collection

He owns a beautiful house in Beverly Hills. It is a big house with an ideal location. Isolated from city life. Peaceful and serene.

Denzel is really fond of cars. His passion for the car can be seen by his choice of cars. He owns the following cars:

  • Porsche Cayenne car
  • Aston Martin DBS car
  • Mercedes Benz E Class car
  • Range Rover

Denzel Washington Filmography and Career

D. Washington has been ruling over the hearts of his fan since 1976. He started to explore his talent by working for a theatre in 1976. After this, he never stops. He worked for television first and proved himself a strong actor.

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Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 2 (2018)

When he entered in film industry the comedy film ‘Carbon copy (1981)’ was his debut movie. It was proved historic to smooth his path in Hollywood. Although it was a big hit, Denzel did only 2 more comedy characters after that.

Like a highly professional, Denzel learned Marshal Arts for his film ‘Book of Eli’. In this move, he did fighting scenes himself.

Denzel has been nominated for Oscar award in different categories 8 times; this is the highest number of nominations for a black actor. He won an Oscar for supporting role in ‘Glory.’ This is not his only Oscar award. He won Oscar (Best actor) again for his leading role in ‘Training Day.’

The other awards that increase the grace of this versatile actor include the following,

  • AARP, Movies for Grownups award for ‘Flight’ and ‘Fences.’
  • AFI Award for ‘Training Day
  • All Def movie award for ‘Training Day.’
  • American Cinematheque gala tribute
  • American society of cinematographers award

Above mentioned are just a glimpse of his award-winning series. He has been nominated and awarded with 100s of awards.

Out of 100 inspiring movies of America, 07 are Washington’s; this is really a big thing for an actor. As a Director, Denzel’s first movie was ‘Antwone Fisher’.

Denzel Washington Net Worth

According to recent surveys, the declared net worth of Denzel Washington is 190 Million US dollars. Denzel Washington net worth is really high in comparison to other Hollywood celebrities of his era. He has multiple cars, houses, studios and many more.

Denzel Washington Relationships

Washington proved himself a loyal and sincere person. His love affairs are rare. He is spending a happily married life with her wife, Pauletta Pearson.

He met with her on sets of Wilma, a television film. The couple married in 1983 and started their family with a baby boy. Later they had 3 more children.

It is interesting to quote that in 1995 the couple renewed their wedding vows in South Africa.

Washington is the proud father of four kids. Among these four there is a cute set of twins as well. He never ignores their needs due to his own busy schedule. He prioritizes his family and attends school functions of his kids.

Some interesting & unknown facts about Denzel Washington

  • Denzel Washington is named after his own father.
  • Denzel has said some historical words that are quotations today. One of the most famous ones is ‘You pray for rain. You gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it‘.
  • In the category of Academy Award Nominations, Denzel is in top 10 actors who are nominated the most.
  • Denzel got his little finger badly injured during a basketball game. This problem never settled properly.
  • He refused to kiss a white actress in a movie.
  • Only a few people know that Denzel is a religious person and he is a Christian faith human.
  • In a newspaper article Denzel was taken as an example of ‘Perfection for beauty’ in the 1990s.
  • The only black who has been awarded the title of ‘Sexiest man alive’ is Denzel Washington.
  • Whitney Houston refused to play the role of his wife in ‘The Preacher’s wife.’ It took him about a year to convince her for this role.
  • Except ‘Unstoppable’ Denzel used stuntmen to do rolls where heights were involved. He is scared of heights.
  • Denzel Washington gave 90% of his salary to make up the budget of movie Flight.
  • In 1987 Oscar, Denzel Washington arrived so late in the ceremony that red carpet was over and everyone was already seated inside.