Top 5 Inspiring Movies about Love

Inspiring Movies about Love
Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall (1994)

Love is the most beautiful human feeling ever. When filming, singing or writing about it, you need to carefully and harmoniously mix paints, apply strokes and, playing with light, carefully and harmoniously pave the way to the depths of human feelings. Otherwise, your movie will feel fake and won’t give positive emotions to those who watch it. Movies about love usually set high requirements for actors who play there and scriptwriters, who are responsible for the plot, but they never sell as good as blockbusters.

Why do people watch movies about love? When we watch movies, TV series, or even play some games, we feel involved in the plot, and this allows us to imagine ourselves in the place of the main character. Therefore, charters become close to us, we worry about them, we feel scared and happy together with them. We watch movies about love to get away from our reality and to feel all those emotions that for some reason, are not that strong in real life.

We have already mentioned that movies about love very rarely hit top sales, then why bother? First of all, we forgot that movie production is the art and not that long ago people used to film good movies because they wanted to share some ideas, thoughts, and views with others and only then they thought about money. Nowadays, artists and creators tend to think about money first and only then about sharing something with their viewers. But even nowadays those who make movies about love first think about sharing ideas and only then about money. We made the list of Top 5 Inspirational Movies about love.

Top 5 Inspiring Movies about Love

1. Legends of the Fall

This is one of those films that don’t end after the final scene but remain with us forever. It is so amazingly shot, and the story in it is so talentedly played by all actors without exception that even knowing all the dialogues in advance, watching it for the thirty or one hundred and sixth time, we still experience the same way as on the day when we watched it for the first time Because “Legends of the Fall” is the story of real people, whose lives we live all these 133 minutes of the film.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You can erase love from memory. But to throw out of the heart is another story. The producer Michelle Gondry in his film managed to very clearly in his manner show that in life you can’t just press the delete button. Life is not a computer, dell button on your keyboard is no going to help you. An amazing cast, including Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, helped to deliver all his ideas to the audience.

3. The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain

Amelie finds a hiding place with old toys in her bathroom and is inspired by the idea of ​​returning the “treasure” to the rightful owner. This adventure changes the girl’s life. After it, she begins to intervene in the lives of strangers in a completely unexpected way. This movie is especially good if you are in a workaholic relationship. After watching this movie, it is no longer possible to imagine Paris without the delightful music of composer Yann Tiersen.

4. Dirty Dancing

A romantic story about love, dancing, strong friendships, and again love. The very atmosphere of the film is transmitted through the screen. It attracts and simply captivates, and certainly every girl after watching the film wants to learn how to love and dance like that.

5. Before Sunrise

You probably know this feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love. The picture of this movie resembles this. It is close and sincere. The universe of the heroes of the film Jesse and Celine lasted only a day, but hell, it’s worth living for it, you can’t just take it and miss it. This is the dream of every person, embodied on the screen, thanks to Richard Linklater.