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Gerard Butler Biography/ Wiki | How Much is Gerard Butler Worth?

Gerard Butler Net Worth
Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth (2009)

Gerard Butler net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $30 million. Gerard Butler is a blockbuster staple. He has had many successful years as an actor and he is going strong as of now. He was also able to receive a large number of awards for his successful performances in the past. Throughout the acting career, Gerard Butler has starred in more than 40 different movies. Gerard Butler height is 1.88 m.

Gerard Butler Age

Gerard Butler was born on 13th of November, 1969. Scotland was his home country. Gerard Butler age is currently 50 years. He was born to a family of three children and he was the youngest. Margaret Butler and Edward Butler were his parents. He had a sister named Lynn Butler and a brother named Brian Butler. He was a raised Roman Catholic.


When Gerard Butler turned one year old, the family decided to move to Montreal in Canada. However, his parents later got divorced. He was only able to spend time with his mom after the divorce.


Gerard Butler went to St. Margaret’s High School and St. Mirin’s High School during this childhood. He was also the head boy of the school. During the school days, Gerard Butler excelled socially as well as academically. He topped in his class in many instances.

Soon after graduation from high school, Gerard Butler decided to enroll into School of Law at the University of Glasgow. He had the intention to become a lawyer by this time. However, fate had something different from him. That’s where he got attracted to theatre studies.

During the schooling days, Gerard Butler wasted one year in Venice. He has not been doing anything in that year but has been wasting his time with womanizing and alcohol. As a result, he lost one year in his law school as well. However, he was able to secure a job as a trainer lawyer. He got into alcoholism soon after.

After losing the job as a lawyer, Butler decided to come to London. He did numerous minor jobs while in London. That’s where Gerard Butler found one good friend, who introduced him to acting. That’s where the official acting career of Gerard Butler started.


Gerard Butler Net Worth
Gerard Butler in 300 (2006)

Gerard Butler started acting during the late 1990s. He was not able to secure a major role, until the year 2000. In the year 2000, he got the chance to play a major role in the movie Dracula. For this role, he even had to move to Los Angeles.

Along with the success of movie Dracula, Gerard Butler was able to open up a large number of other opportunities. As a result, it was possible to see him in numerous world-famous movies, such as Gods of Egypt with Chadwick Boseman, London Has Fallen with Morgan Freeman, A Family Man with Alison Brie, Chasing Maverick with Abigail Spencer, How to Train Your Dragon, and 300 with Michael Fassbender.

Due to the successful career in the movie industry, Gerard Butler got nominated to more than 14 different awards. He was able to win four awards out of them as well.

Girlfriends/ Affairs

The love life of Gerard Butler has been quite complicated. That’s because he was seen together with many women. However, no relationship lasted longer.

Gerard Butler was with Chiara Conti back in 2004. However, he was seen dating Yuliya Mayarchuk and Josie d’Arby in 2005. Likewise, he was seen dating a large number of women throughout the past.

As of now, Gerard Butler is in a relationship with Morgan Brown.

Gerard Butler Net Worth in 2020

As of 2020, Gerard Butler net worth is estimated at more than $30 millions. Due to alcoholism, Gerard Butler had to struggle financially in many stages in life. However, he is in a financially secure position due to the performance in some of the best movies. For example, he was able to contribute a lot towards the success of movie Olympus has Fallen, which could earn $170 million with a budget for $70 million.

As of now, the net worth of Gerard Butler is estimated at $30 million. Acting is his only and main source of income and he is not practicing as a lawyer, even though he studied it.

Few Interesting Facts About Gerard Butler

  • Gerard Butler did not venture into acting until his late 20s. In fact, he didn’t have any plans to become an actor. Therefore, he didn’t even think about getting into acting. Butler graduated from Glasgow University with a law degree. He eventually got into a law firm based in Edinburgh. That’s where he started practicing as a lawyer.
  • While working as a lawyer, Gerard Butler became a strong fan of Hollywood. He developed the interest towards Hollywood music along with time. He was single while attending college as well. In fact, he has been playing as the lead singer for one of the Scottish bands while he was attending college.
  • Gerard Butler encountered a serious accident while he was surfing. It was one of the scariest moments that he had come across in his life. This incident took place in the month of December 2011. He was pulled by a set of underwater currents. They dragged him on top of a reef. However, he was eventually rescued by a jet ski. He was then taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
  • Gerard Butler was a heavy drinker. However, he came across the need to quit his bad habit of drinking. That’s where he attended a brief rehab program while he was 27. It provided great assistance to him with overcoming his addiction to alcohol.
  • Gerard Butler is not just a hero in movies, but also in the real world. For example, once he got into freezing seawater all naked, just to save the life of a young boy. He has done many heroic actions like that in his past.

Other basic facts

  • Real Name/ Full name: Gerard James Butler
  • Age (as in 2020): 50 years
  • Birth Date/ Birthday : 13 November 1969
  • Nickname: Gerry
  • Hometown: Paisley, United Kingdom
  • Nationality : British, Scottish
  • Father Name: Edward Butler
  • Mother Name: Margaret Butler
  • Wife: NA
  • Zodiac sign/ Sun sign: Scorpio
  • Body Measurements: Chest: 47 inch, Waist: 35 inch, Biceps: 16 inch
  • Height: 188 cm or 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 m
  • Weight: almost 102 kgs or 255 lbs
  • Hair color: Light Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • First Film/ Debut Film: Mrs. Brown (1997)
  • Net Worth in 2020 (Approx): $30 million
  • Social Links: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Frequently Ask Questions

How much is Gerard Butler worth?

As of 2020, Gerard Butler’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

How tall is Gerard Butler?

Gerard Butler is 6’ 2” tall.

How old is Gerard Butler?

Gerard Butler is currently 50 years old (As of 2020).

Who is Gerard Butler’s wife?

Gerard Butler is currently unmarried.

Is gerard butler married?

Gerard Butler is not married.

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