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Kevin Spacey Biography

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Kevin Spacey in House of Cards (2013)

Kevin Spacey is an American filmmaker, singer, and actor, he was born on 26 July 1959 in South Orange, New Jersey, U.S, Kevin Spacey’s age is 59 years old. Kevin Spacey height is 1.78 meter or 5′ 8″ feet and his weight 86 kilograms or 189 pounds. Kevin Spacey has light brown eyes and near shaved brown hair, the body of Kevin looked hot in his role “American beauty” though he is not a fan of gym, but he is so professional thus he knows exactly how to prepare his body for the role with eating the right things and in that movie he hired Greg Chapman as a personal trainer to make him get ready as soon as possible to the role. Kevin Spacey net worth in 2019 is $80 million.

Kevin Spacey Education

Kevin attended the Northridge Military academy after setting his sister’s house tree on fire, with the school programs, spacey did amateur acting successfully and he played “Captain von Trapp” in his senior year.

Later in life, Spacey joined drama courses at Juilliard, he quit after two years without any diploma and he joined “the New York Shakespeare Festival”.

Kevin Spacey Childhood

About thirty people made allegation against Kevin of temptation of rape and sexual harassment, Randy Spacey, the elder brother of Kevin shared the horror story of their childhood with a Nazi supporting father, Randy shared that he was sexually abused from his own father at the age of fourteen and think his brother and sister faced the exact fate.

Kevin Spacey Family

Kevin is the son of the father Thomas Fowler also known as Geoff technical writer and data consultant, the father of Kevin was a Nazi supporter and accused of raping and sexual abuse against child, the mother of Kevin, Kathleen Ann Fowler was a secretary, Kevin used a new name to hide from his past, he also spent years not talking to his siblings, his brother Randall Fowler and his sister Julie Ann Fowler until he was accused of sexual harassment and rape temptation.

Kevin Spacey house and vehicles collection

Kevin has a huge nice cars collection worth more than 800,000 dollars contain many classy, luxurious and sports cars include Renault Espace, Chevy Caprice, Mercedes Benz SLS Class, Mercedes S Class, Nissan 350 Z.

The house or castle of Kevin Spacey in Los Angeles worth 11,000,000 Dollars, the size of this house is 6,595 sq ft with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, a swimming pool.

Kevin Spacey Career and filmography

In the New York Shakespeare festival, Kevin did his first professional appearance on a stage, performing Henry VI Part 1 in 1981, later he continued on theater and made part of many other performances like he played Oswald in “Ghosts”, produced by Henrik Ibsen, and Philinte in “The Misanthrope” made by Moliére, and his fame of stage acting started in 1986 after he played the eldest Tyrone in “Day’s Journey into Night” and he got the star of Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1999.

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Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns (2006)

His first appearance in TV was with the first episode of the second season of the TV show “Crime Story”, he also played the role of a millionaire on “L.A. LAW” and arms dealer on “Wiseguy”.

Spacey played in the Comedy movie “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” in 1989 and “The ref” in 1994, in 1995 spacey played one of the most important movie in his career, the thriller movie “Seven” with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, He played the role of John Doe the serial killer, this movie gave him the Best Supporting Actor honors Society of Texas Film Critics Awards at 1995.

From 1995 to 2000, spacey played a lot of roles, in many movies with many many producers, like the amazing role of Jack Vincennes in “L.A. Confidential” with Russell Crowe in 1997 and he got the Academy Award of Best Actor and Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor for his role of the depressed father Lester Burnham in “American Beauty” on 1999.

After 2000, Kevin became so famous and he played much more roles in many other movies like the role of the teacher in “Pay it Forward” on 2000 and the role of the singer in “Beyond the sea” on 2004, his singing in this movie made a very positive reactions and reviews, and he was nominated for the Golden Globe for the performance he gave in the movie, in 2006 spacey appeared in the American thriller movie “Edison”.

On March 2011, was announced that Spacey is doing one of the most important roles he did in his life, the role the Frank Underwood in House of Cards, from this TV show, Kevin was nominated to the Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series on 2013, on 2015 he won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama.

Recently from 2015 to present, Kevin Spacey is playing many roles in many movies, he played in more than 80 movies right now and he always announcing his appearance in a new coming soon a movie.

Kevin Spacey Net worth

Currently, Kevin Spacey net worth is approximately $80 million and the highest grossing movies of Kevin was “American Beauty”,” Superman Returns” and “A Bug’s Life”.

Facts about Kevin Spacey

  • Kevin used his middle name to hide from his childhood past, spacey is his middle name and the maiden name of his mother too.
  • Spacey helped a lot of actors to succeed because of his foundation opened in 2010 to help new actors.
  • Kevin appeared in more the 80 movies, with different roles.
  • Kevin set his sister’s house tree on fire, so his family punished him by sending him to the military school.
  • The amazing performance of Kevin in the role of Verbal in “Usual Suspects” gave Spacey the 48th place on 100 ranked list of the most villain characters.
  • After quitting Julliard, Kevin worked as a salesman of shoes.