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Mel Gibson Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, Biography, Family & More

Mel Gibson Biography

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Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness (2010)

Hollywood has always been a place of many marvels, not only it has produced some of the most acclaimed movies but also has some of the top line actors in the history of entertainment. Since the start of the golden age of Hollywood, many esteemed actors have given their fair share to its success and promotion. With many actors down the line such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, let us not forget about Mel Gibson, who has been killing it since the very start. Mel Gibson net worth in 2019 is $425 million.

Today, we will be discussing Mel Gibson, one of the key figures of Hollywood. Mel (AKA Colmcille Gerard Gibson) was born on January 3rd in 1956, New York City, USA. Although Mel Gibson is naturally an American, he migrated to Australia with his family due to some personal and ambition-related reasons. Mel has starred in many classic action movies such as the iconic Mad Max and Lethal Weapon.

Mel has is known to adjusting the body weight due to requirements of different movies; he toned his body to be in muscular form for the role in Expendables 3. Mel Gibson height is 5 feet 9 inches and currently, he has a weight of 94 kg.

Mel Gibson Education

Mel Gibson was born to Hutton Gibson and Anne Patricia; he was one of the eleven children brought up by the parents. Speaking of education levels here, he studied in various schools and colleges such as the Congregation of Christian Brothers at St Leo’s Catholic College. Furthermore, he completed his education in Sydney, Australia and decided to start his acting career from there.

Mel Gibson Family

Mel Gibson as previously discussed was born to both Anne Patricia (Irish Decent) and Hutton Gibson. From his father’s side, he inherited a fortune because of his grandfather’s estate. Acting and talent run in the family as his sibling Donal also pursues an acting career. If you seem to think that Mel Gibson’s names are oddly familiar, then you might have the right hunch here, as his names are derived and placed after some famous saints both applicable to Americana and Irish culture.

His father Hutton previously worked in the railroads, he met a very unfortunate injury while at work and because of that he was fairly compensated by the authorities, the sum was equivalent for them to start new lives. When Mel was at a fairly young age, America announced that they were at war with Vietnam and all of us know that at the time of war, countries make recruitments out of young boys. His parents feared this transition, although Mel wasn’t at the age for recruitment, some of his siblings were, so what his parents did was this that, with the money they accomplished from the railroad accident, they decided to use it to migrate to Australia, this was a very necessary step to protect the family from certain kinds of losses. Moving to Australia was bliss to the family, as the recruitment drive was averted and they could live peacefully.

Afterward, Mel Gibson decided that he should finish his studies from Australia and also start a career, where his skills would be rightfully utilized.

Mel Gibson House, Cars and Bike Collection

Someone as successful as Mel Gibson would be in possession of many valuables, and that indeed is true as the actor turned director and film producer has an abundance of houses, cars, and other bikes.

Speaking of properties first, Mel is and was in possession of many impressive farms and houses. When he migrated to Australia, with the money he earned himself from various gigs, bought his very first property Tangambalanga Farm, although it is on the countryside, the properties allocated here and the facilities provided were top notch. Mel lived here for many years, but due to some reasons afterward, he had to sell it. Although this was just the start, later on, he went to own an island, several homes and ranches in different areas of America and Australia, he is one of the richest actors to date.

Mel doesn’t fancy bikes and in its alternative, is in possession of many private jets which were both gifted to him and purchased himself. Some of these are Gulfstream V. In the topic of cars; he is in possession of Mercedes Smart Car, Lexus LS600, 2008 Maserati Quattroporte, and Mercedes CLS 500.

Mel Gibson Filmography/ Career

Even from the very start, Mel Gibson astounded both film critics and the audience with his exemplary performance; he firstly portrayed a role in Romeo and Juliet which came down to be one of the most acclaimed movies ever.

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Mel Gibson in The Expendables 3 (2014)

Jolting down from his start in Australia and upon further refinement, he decided to go back to America to pursue a life of acting. His first major role was in the post-apocalyptic epic Mad Max, which earned him the repute of one of the most talented and gifted writers ever. Later on there, were movies like Gallipoli, The Bounty, Lethal Weapon, BraveHeart and many others. Due to his performance and looks, he earned himself the title of World’s Sexiest Man Alive in the early 1980s.

He further on realized that movies just weren’t going to cut, so he decided to give directing and film making a chance, so he made his directorial debut with the epic Apocalypto, and then later on many hits like Hacksaw Ridge which starred the famous actor Andrew Garfield.

Mel Gibson Net Worth

As of 2019, Mel Gibson net worth is estimated at $425 million.

Mel Gibson Spouses/ Affairs

Just like other actors and actresses he too had many affairs in the past, although was firstly married to Robyn Dennis Moore got divorced because of some reasons and then later on married Grigorieva. This marriage too didn’t last long, as Mel was accused of many violence issues.

As currently, he is dating Rosalind Ross.

Mel Gibson Famous and Unknown Facts

  • One of the very few actors which are also pursuing a career as director and filmmaker.
  • Is one of eleven children.
  • Met his first wife on an acting gig.

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