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Halle Berry Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, Biography, Family & More

Halle Berry Biography

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Halle Berry in Extant (2014)

Halle Berry is an African-American actress. She was born on 14th August 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. The USA. (Present age: 52 years). Halle Berry height is 5 feet and 4 inches. Her complexion is dark and tan due to her mixed race. Her name was legally changed when she was 05 years old. From Maria Halle Berry, she became Halle Maria Berry(Halle was a departmental store). Halle Berry Net Worth in 2019 is $70 million.

Halle Berry Education

School days were hard for Halle Berry because Halle was sent to an all-white school where she faced clear discrimination. But she continued her studies. This urges her to excel in life.
During her education, she was a prominent student. Not only in studies but in extracurricular activities. Prom queen, cheerleader and honor student are few titles that she secured during her stay in Bedford High School. She was graduated from this college in 1986. She was a newspaper editor and head girl of her class.

She also attended Cuyahoga Community College. She studied a few years there. She used to participate in different beauty contests in her student life. She won ‘Miss Teen All American’ title in 1985. In an interview as a student, she said that she wants to be an entrepreneur and that interview won the best interview award.

Halle Berry Family

Halle’s mother was a Nurse in a psychiatric hospital. Her father was a co-worker there. They got married and gave birth to 2 daughters. Halle Berry has an elder sister.
Berry’s early life memories are not really pleasant for her. Her father subjected her mother to domestic violence. Her parents got divorced when Halle was 4 years. Halle and her sister lived with their mother until she started her career and bought her own apartment.

Halle Berry House and Cars collection

Halle owned different houses during her life. The first one was a villa and she sold it for 4.25 million dollars about 12 years ago. Later she bought a house of 0.33 acres. It was surrounded by a pool and had a beautiful terrace. She sold it later. Now the worth of the house is 3.8 million dollars.

She has multiple cars and keeps on changing after a short while. She has Lincoln navigator in white color, Aston Martin in dark grey color and Lexus’s RS in brown color. Moreover, Honda CRV is also in her possession.

Halle Berry Filmography and Career

The alluring, stylish and beautiful Halle Maria Berry, one of the highest paid African-American actress. Starting from her teens she was really ambitious and enthusiastic, she used to participate in almost every extracurricular activities. Before starting her career as an actress, she started her career as a catalog model.

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Halle Berry in John Wick Chapter: 3 – Parabellum (2019)

Being passionate about her acting career, she began her career in 1989, in a short-lived sitcom Living Dolls. She performed beautifully in the romantic and family comedy “Boomerang” with Eddie Murphy in 1992 and “The Flintstones” in 1994. She has given outstanding performance in her early movies like Monster’s bell and Catwoman in 2004. After that, she ruled the American film industry with her glamour and charm. She did a long series of hit movies and still doing a lot to entertain Hollywood viewers. Halle Berry upcoming movie John Wick-Chapter 3 is one of the most awaited films for her fans.

Her performance in movies didn’t go unrecognized. Her work was appreciated by award juries and She won many awards like,

  • Academy Award for best actress
  • NAACP image award
  • Teen Choice Award
  • Silver Bear for best actress
  • Black movie award
  • Golden Globe Award
  • Blockbuster entertainment award
  • Primetime Emmy Award because of her brilliant performance in “Bulworth” in 1998 and “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” in 1999.

Other than above she has won so many awards in different categories. She achieved a position in an industry that many actresses just dream about.

Halle Berry Net Worth

According to different survey reports Halle Berry to possess about 70 million dollars as her net worth. Her major source of income is her filmy career. She earns, spends and saves like anything. Halle Berry Net Worth is estimated about $70 million.

Halle Berry Relationships/ Affairs/ Boyfriends

1989-1991, Halle Berry was in a relationship with a Dentist. His name was John Ronan. This relation couldn’t last long and later they also had some legal issue between them.

In 1992 a baseball player, David Justice was involved in Halle and they got married in 1993. This relation could survive only 04 years and both officially declared divorce in 1997.
2nd marriage of Berry was with a singer, Eric Benet after 4 years of divorce. This relationship ended in 2003.

The third time Berry decided to marry a German model, Gabriel Aubry. She gave birth to a daughter in 2008. In 2010, after separation from Gabriel there started a custody struggle between them.

Halle moved to another city and there she met a French Model, Olivier Martinez. After a series of unfavorable events between Olivier and Halle’s ex-husband finally, the custody case was resolved and Olivier and Berry got married in 2013 and gave birth to a son. Unfortunately, this relation was also ended in 2016 as well.

Currently, she is not seen in any relationship.

Some interesting & unknown facts about Halle Berry

  • Halle was involved in a hit and run accident.
  • Berry was declared at No. 1 in people’s 50 most beautiful people of word contest.
  • Halle son was born just after 04 months of her marriage.
  • Berry claims that a Hollywood well-known actor has abused her physically and she lost 80% of her hearing (left ear) during that incident.
  • She has an adopted daughter as well. Her name is the center of attraction for many. She is called ‘India’.
  • She has attempted suicide during her 2nd relationship due to depression.
  • She is the only African-American actress who is awarded Oscar in a leading role.
  • She also has given a performance in a Superhero movie
  • She has also tried her luck in production career and remained successful for all her projects.
  • In 1989 she was diagnosed with diabetes. (Type I)
  • She never had a good relationship with her sister, Heidi Berry who is elder than her.

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