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Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006)

Daniel Craig was born on 2 March 1968, Chester, Cheshire, England. Daniel Craig age is 53 years. His full name is Daniel Wroughton Craig. The fifty-one years old English actor is most famously known for the series of movies as James Bond.

Daniel Craig height is 178 in centimeters and 5’ 10’’ (‘ for feet and ‘’ for inches). Also, he has a weight of 78 kilograms or and in pounds, it is 172. His eyes have a blue color. Daniel Craig biceps size is 16″(41 cm) and chest size is 47″(119 cm). Daniel Craig net worth in 2021 is $160 million.


Craig went to the Frodsham and Hoylake, Merseyside for primary education. He failing his eleven plus exam while at Hilbre High School in West Kirby where he studied with his sister, Lea. After his parents had gotten divorced, he lived with his mother and sister and moved to Liverpool.

At the age of sixteen, he moved to London and with his compulsory secondary education being completed, he pursued acting. He got accepted into National Youth Theatre and to fund his training, he worked at a restaurant serving tables. Later, in 1991, he was accepted in Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


Craig’s family actually has a part to play in his love for acting. His mother was an art teacher who had a passion for theatre. After being divorced, they moved to Liverpool where she lived frequently got involved in the Everyman Theatre. She also encouraged Craig to pursue acting. His father was a steelworker who later came to own a pub.

Breakthrough/ Career

He made his debut screen role in 1992, playing the character of an Afrikaner in The Power of One. In November 1993, he got to play in Angels in America as the character of Joe. Also, in the same year, Craig starred in many both American and British television series. They included: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Zorro along with the British shows: Between the Lines, Sharpe’s Eagle, Drop Dead the Monkey and Heartbeat.

In 1995, he featured in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, a production by Disney but it was not received well by the critics. By 1996, Craig was playing the role of Georgie (George Peacock) in the British television series called Our Friends from the North. This role is considered to his true, breakthrough character.

In 2001, he played alongside Angelina Jolie in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, as Lara Croft’s love interest. In 2002, he was featured in Ten Minutes Older: The Cello while his second work in the same year was Road to Perdition where he starred with Tom Hanks. He also continued to work on stage. He was a part of Caryl Churchill’s play A Number, played at the Royal Court.

His first release in the year of 2005 was the film The Jacket, starring Keira Knightly. Also in 2005, Craig was contracted to play James Bond, based on the works of Ian Flemming. He became the first actor to play Bond after the death of the novel’s writer. He admitted to knowing how big the role was but he wanted to bring out the emotional side of character as well. His being casting was also criticized where it was loved, but all the five previous Bond players gave a positive opinion on it and called it a well-made decision.

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Daniel Craig in Skyfall (2012)

The first part of the series was Casino Royale with Eva Green, released in 2006, which grossed highly on the box office. It was preceded by Quantum of Solace. The third film, Skyfall, released in 2012 broke the records of the first and is the highest grossing part of the series.

The fourth Bond film, Spectre, came out in 2015. Along with his money-making Bond films, he also continued to work in other movies as well. As of 2021, Daniel Craig net worth is estimated to be $160 million.

Personal Life/ Relationships

His first marriage with Fiona Loudon lasted only two short years. They married in 1992, had a daughter named Ella and got divorced in 1994. After that, he began dating a German actress, Heike Makatsch. They stayed together in a seven-year-long relationship which ended in 2004. He began dating Satsuki Mitchell and they stayed engaged for five years, 2005 to 2010.

In 2010, Craig began dating Rachel Weisz who was a former friend and co-actress in Dream House. By 22 June 2011, the couple got married in a private ceremony where Craig’s daughter and Weisz’s son were in attendance. They had their first child together in 2018.


Craig has a house in Sunninghill, outside Ascot. In 2008, he reportedly paid for an apartment in an old house in Primrose Hill near Regent’s Park.

Daniel Craig Net Worth 2021

Daniel Craig net worth in 2021 is estimated at $160 million. The net worth of Daniel Craig includes remuneration from movies and brand endorsement.

Interesting Facts about Daniel Craig

  • One of the main reasons for controversy on his casting as James Bond was that he had blonde hair and was considered short by some.
  • Craig uses his license to charity and is involved in serving many charitable organizations including S.A.F.E Kenya and other gender equality organizations.
  • Craig’s favorite Bond actor is Sean Connery. From Russia With Love is one of his favorite Bond films.
  • He has a rather notable family background. He is descended from French Huguenots. Sir William Burnaby is also an ancestor of Craig, which makes for an interesting lineage!
  • Craig’s Skyfall, his third Bond movie, remained the highest grossing movie the British history till 2015
  • Craig is a big rugby fan. He even played rugby union at his school.
  • Along with rugby, he is also a fan of Premier League’s Liverpool football club.
  • Although Craig does not consider himself religious, he believes it has a huge impact on our lives.
  • He was nominated six times for his role in Skyfall and despite all the criticism, won a Critics’ Choice Award (the irony!)
  • Craig was actually a fan of the Tomb Raider video games when he got a part in the movie.
  • Along with that, he’s also into sci-fi. He has a geeky interest in Doctor Who and Star Trek.
  • He not only played Bond in the films but also in the Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2012, where he is seen alongside Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The last Bond film in Craig’s series is reported to be released in 2021, titled NO TIME TO DIE.
Daniel Craig’s NO TIME TO DIE Trailer

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