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Nicolas Cage Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, Biography, Family & More

Nicolas Cage Biography

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Nicolas Cage in National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

Nicolas Cage is an American actor, producer, and director. On 7 January 1964, Nicolas Cage was born in Long Beach California. Nicolas Kim Coppola is his full name. Nicolas Cage height is 183 in centimeters and 6’ 0’’ (‘ for feet and ‘’ for inches). Also, he has a weight of 90 kilograms or and in pounds, it is 193. His eyes have a blue color. Nicolas Cage net worth in 2019 is $25 million.

Nicolas Cage Family

His father, August Coppola, is a professor of literature while his mother joy Vogelsang is a choreographer and a dancer. His two brothers, Marc Coppola and Christopher Coppola work at the New York radio. His uncle, Francis Ford Coppola was a famous film director.

Nicolas Cage Education

Cage attended the Beverly Hills High school which is famous for producing many known artists. He had an interest in acting at a very early age. He also attended the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television.

Nicolas Cage Filmography/ Career

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Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider (2007)

Cage has appeared in many different varieties of movies and of all genres. His first work was released in 1982. Although he had a negligible role in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High it did give him a pretty good start. He got rejected for the role of Dallas Winston in the movie The Outsiders, directed by his uncle. He did get starred in uncle’s other films such as Peggy Sue got Married and Rumble Fish. In 1987, he was featured in the romantic-comedy movie Moonstruck. In 1990, he starred in Wild at Heart, a film by David Lynch. He played in the drama Bringing out the Dead in 1999 in which he got the lead role. Also in 1999, he got a role in 8mm which is a suspense film. He played the lead role in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in 2001. In 2000, he starred in The Family Man.

He played the role of an obsessive-compulsive disordered man in Matchstick Men in 2003, which a criminal comedy film. He also featured in Leaving Los Vegas for which he got an Academy Award. He also was nominated for his role as Charlie Kaufman in the film Adaptation but didn’t win it. The first movie directed by him was Sonny in 2002.

In 2005, he starred in Lord of War and The Weather Man. The two movies were well-received by critics and were released on international levels, but failed due to lack of audience. His Ghost Rider grossed well but was criticized a lot. Only in its opening week, the movie made about $45 million. It was released worldwide and earned more than $208 million by the closing weeks in 2007. Also in 2007, he played a character in Next alongwith Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel. Although he played in many genres, he is most famous for action and adventure films. One such adventure movie is National Treasure, in which Cage plays a historian who is after an important historical document. He interestingly played the roles of a hero and a villain at the same time in John Woo’s film, World Trade Center. Another famous action work of his includes The Rock.

In 2008, Cage played the part Joe in Bangkok Dangerous. He also starred in a science fiction film by Alex Proya called Knowing in 2009. Also this year, he was featured in a film directed by a German director titled The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans.

In 2012, he re-appeared in Ghost Rider’s sequel movie, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. In 2013, he was the voice of character Grug in The Croods, which proved to be a huge success on the box office. He also played part in a horror comedy movie Mom and Dad. Recently in 2018, he played in an action thriller, Mandy. His first production is the Shadow of Vampires and the other is The Dresden Files, of which he was an executive producer.

Nicolas Cage Marriages/ Relationships

He dated Christina Fulton in 1988. They had a son together in 1990 named Weston Coppola Cage. His first marriage was to Patricia Arquette, who is also an actress. They were married in 1995 and divorced in 2001.

His second marriage was to the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley who is a singer and songwriter. They were married for only months, in August 2002 and divorced in November 2002. Their divorce took longer than that to finalize, in 2004.

His third wife was Alice Kim who waited tables in Los Angeles. They were married in 2004 and had a son in 2005 who they named after Superman’s name, Kal-El. His fourth marriage lasted only four days. It was to Erika Koike in March 2019.

Nicolas Cage House

He lived in Malibu with his third wife Alice Kim. He had a house that he sold in 2010 for $10 million. He bought an entire 40-acre island in 2006. He even owned a medieval castle in Germany till 2009. He also bought a manor in Rhode Island.

Nicolas Cage net worth

Nicolas Cage net worth is estimated at $25 million.

Interesting Facts About Nicolas Cage

  • He changed his last name, Coppola, to Cage himself. He did this so when he worked for his uncle’s films it wouldn’t be seen as nepotism.
  • Cage received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998.
  • Cage does not prefer to talk about his religious views and answering such questions even though he was raised in a Catholic household.
  • His early interest in acting is reported to be originated from taking inspiration from James Dean. Cage said that the performance of James Dean in Eden is what struck him and inspired his decision to be an actor.
  • Cage has a name in the charity world. He has donated big sums to children suffering and rehabilitation centers. He also provided charities to survivors of different natural disaster.
  • Cage was arrested in 2011 on charges of domestic abuse but the charges were dropped by the court following the next month.
  • He was one of the highest earning American actors for some years, earning up to $40 million. He was to be listed in Forbes’ richest list in 2014 but couldn’t make it.
  • His first wife, Christina Fulton is said to have left him because of his financial difficulties.
  • Cage owns the production works of the company Saturn Films.

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