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Jessica Alba Biography

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Jessica Alba in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Jessica Alba is an English actress and businesswoman who was born on 28 April 1928 in Pomona, California. Her age is 37 years. She is 5 feet or 178 cm tall having a weight of 56 kilograms. Her eye color is brown and hair color is dark brown. Because of her beautiful body and charming smile, her fans call her as Sky Angel. Her natural eye color is brown as blonde her hair was. Her body is featured in good shape. One of her uniqueness is the different hairstyles that her fans love about her. Jessica Alba Net Worth in 2019 is $3.5 million.

The family of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has diversity in her parental background. Her father Mark Alba is Mexican American and her mother Catherine Jensen who has Danish and French ancestors. She has one younger brother whose name is Joshua Alba. She married Cash Warren and has two children from him. Both are daughters. One daughter is Haven Warren and one is Honor Marie Warren. Her father was a real estate agent, mother a housewife and brother is an actor now. Her husband is doing the business of his own. She always teaches her daughters to be brave and strong. She loves her daughter from the core of her heart. Cash Warren and she, looks fantabulous when they both are together. she is the model for their daughters.

Jessica Alba’s journey of love

When Jessica Alba was doing her film Fantastic Four, she met Cash Warren. After spending some time together she thought that she would spend her remaining life with him. They both dated for almost four years and then in 2008, they got engaged. On May 19, the same year the couple got married. Their big day’s celebrations took place in Beverly Hills Courthouse. They both looked very happy. After that, they lived a happy life with their daughters. Though Cash Warren has to left for business he keeps sending his love bouquet of flowers saying the beautiful words every girl wants to hear, Thank you! For being my everything.

Jessica Alba education

Jessica Alba went to an American school and Claremont high school. She graduated when she was only sixteen. After that, she joined the Atlantic Theater company. Her interest in studies was lesser than in acting. She got the charm to act when she was five years old. She called herself a dumb because she did not go to higher college for higher education and she was also worried that due to lack of higher knowledge she would not be able to make her name in business but she herself proved it wrong. She is well known for starting a movement to provide education to African children.

Jessica Alba Acting Career/ Filmography

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Jessica Alba and Jason Statham in Mechanic Resurrection (2016)

She began to come at television shows when she was 13 years old in Camp Nowhere and The secret world of Alex Mack but she gained popularity when she worked in the series of Dark Angel as a lead actress at the age of 19. She has awarded a Saturn award for best television actress. Other shows and movies of Jessica Alba are Into the blue, Sin city, mechanic resurrection, Little Fockers, good luck Chuck, Honey, Machete, The eye, Awake, The sleeping diction, Meet bill, some kind of beautiful, escape from planet earth, Barley Lather, The ten, An invisible sign and till now a huge list. Different ups and downs come in her acting career and she stopped doing it when she was 27 years old. She wanted to pay more attention to her business and charity than her acting career. That was the basic reason why she left acting.

The business of Jessica Alba

Besides doing her own business her motive is also the well-being of people. She is the developer of an Honest Company, which sells household and beauty products. Her company has touched the unbelievable heights of growth that much, that the Multinational Unilever is caught talking about its purchase. Her main focus is to remove poverty and illiteracy from the world. She is devotedly involved in providing education to women and has given them many opportunities to study and work.

She made various investments in this regard. She actively participated in Global Citizen, that’s aim is to eliminate poverty. The Global citizen is with commitment with highly successful and rich entrepreneurs over the world, Jessica Alba is one amongst them. The funds generated by this are utilized in providing education and directly hits the lives of 656 million people in a very positive way.

Jessica Alba Net Worth

Jessica Alba Net Worth is about $3.5 million. With a successful acting career and flourishing business, Jessica Alba is enjoying a luxurious life. She is amongst the richest entrepreneurs of America under age 40. It is not wrong to say that she is a billionaire. Her company worth is about 1.7 billion dollars. Being a celebrity she has a net worth of almost 3.5 million dollars.

House and car’s collection of Jessica Alba

Beverly Hills home is her house. It is located in the Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. Its area is 3,035 square feet. She is considered as the most desiring woman and not let her image down. She put this house on the market for rent. The rent which she asked for this house is 8,950 dollars. One best thing about this house is that it is fully furnished. You can have a beautiful view of Los Angeles from the terrace. Her two cars, one GMC Yukon Hybrid which costs 50,000 dollars and the other Toyota Prius are just amazing by color, style, design and working. Although he doesn’t have many collections of the car yet those which she has are among the number one.

She is a very inspiring lady. With her hard work, focus, and determination she successfully completed her twenty years acting career and earned a remarkable name in business too. Her work for the goodness of people makes her a loving personality. In all perspectives, she is a wonderful woman and is liked by almost everyone who knows her.