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Karen Gillan Biography/ Wiki

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Karen Gillan in Doctor Who

Karen Gillan Wiki/ Biography

Karen Gillan is a Scottish actress who was born on 28 November 1987. Her birth city is Inverness, United Kingdom. By rationality, she is a Scottish British. Besides actress, she is also a director, model, and screenwriter. She is 31 years old. Karen Gillan is 1.8 meters or 5 feet tall and the weight of her body is 58 kilograms. Her dress size is 7 US and the measurement of her body is 34-26-34. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The color of her eyes is brown and the hair color is red. She is a nonreligious woman means that she didn’t involve herself too much in religion. Karen Gillan net worth in 2019 is $2 million.

Educational background of Karen Gillan

She went to Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. When she turned 16, she went to Edinburgh and she completed HNC acting and performance at Telford college. At the age of 18, she wanted to complete her graduation so she went to London and got a degree of graduate which was Bachelors of arts in acting. She was very passionate about her career in her young age and developed the love for acting in her younger age. This passion leads her to success in the film industry.

Karen Gillan Family

The name of her father is John Gillan who is a singer and a recording artist as well. Her mother’s name is Marie Paterson. Her older sister is Ellan Gillan. Karen Gillan has not married yet. She keeps her marital life a secret. She often seems to talk about her relationship but overall, she remains silent about her affair and love. She is caught to be single nowadays and yes her fans are very curious to know about the fact, to whom Karen Gillan has been dating. Caitlin Blackwood is her cousin.

Personal life

Her personal life is far ahead different from another actress. She said that though she is Catholic by her family’s and father’s religion she is nonreligious and not been Christened. She didn’t believe in being adhered to one religion and following its all rules, regulations, customs and having strong and pure belief in it. Instead what she believe is we are only a small, tiny dots in this stretched and unending universe.

Karen Gillan Career

She started her career by first appearing in television shows as a guest. Her first role was in Rebus. She remained the member of sketch comedy series named The Kevin Bishop Show for two years where she played multiple characters. There she worked with Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry. She played the role of the lead actor in the horror project of BBC named as The Well. In the series doctor who, she got the role of Amy Pond, where she was the fellow to the eleventh doctor. She came as the Amy Pond in the eleventh hour and it was her first appearance on the Television screen. She got the award of Entertainment category in 2010. She played a role in Christmas special in 2013. She also played the role of a girl who was the obsession of social media. This was very interesting though.

Karen Gillan Filmography

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Karen Gillan in Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

She played a leading and main role in different films. She has a variety of films like feature films, short films, television shows, and video games also. Her filmography career starts in 2006 and it is continuing till now. Some of her films are Outcast, Not Another Happy Ending, Guardians of the galaxy, The Big Short, In a valley of violence, The circle, The party is just beginning, Avengers: infinity wars, Alex and the list. And the recent ones are spies in disguise, Untitled smart Jumanji film. She played the role of Martha, Ruby, Lily, Annie Allerton, Ellen, Jane Lockhart. One of her famous characters is of Nebula.

Some of her short films are Bound for greatness, Warning Labels, Coward and The Hoarding. There she played the character of Mindy, Rachel, Hope, Chloe and many more. Her famous TV shows are Rebus, Stacked, Doctor who, Harley Street, Coming up, The well, We will take Manhattan, A touch of cloth, Selfie, The Devil you know, Comedy Bang! Bang!, 7 days in hell, Emo Dad. Amongst these all, she was the writer of many of these and producer too.

Video games

She also has a series of various video games in for Doctor Who. The adventure games, Evacuation Earth and Return to Earth. Here there are two series of Doctor Who, The adventure games. The voice role of Amy Pond is in it.


She also had two stage dramas in 2011 and 2013. These were Inadmissible Evidence roled by Shirley and time to act by Karen. The Venue for these was Donmar warehouse and Broadway.

Karen Gillan Awards and Nominations

Karen Gillan has a long list of awards which she got because of her marvelous work. At the start, she got constellation awards for best female performance. She won the entertainment award from young scot awards. Best actress, best drama performance, best fashion icon, best ensemble, a best female newcomer, best independent short film actress, best female actress in leading roles, a best artistic achiever in the film industry are some of the categories for which she won awards by a various award-giving assistant. She was also nominated for many categories involving best debut screenwriter, comedy movie actress, audience award, best short film, best actress in a long list and favorite UK actress as well.

Karen Gillan Net Worth

Karen Gillan is a famous actress and model and by these professions, she has a total net worth of 2 million dollars. What she earns yearly is among the 10 best salaries given to television actress. In 2019, she is on the list of 60 richest people in the world.


Recently her affair is with no one. It is found that her relationship status right now is straight. Her ex-relationships were with Matt Smith, Patrick Green, and Andrew Brooke. She has not married any one of them and hasn’t expected any child till now.