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Emilia Clarke Biography

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Emilia Clarke in Me Before You (2016)

Full name of Emilia Clarke is Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke and informally called as Milly by her loved ones. She is an amazing English actress. She belongs to the United Kingdom and was born in Westminster, London. She grew up in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Her date of birth is twenty third of October in 1986 and currently, is 32 years old. Emilia Clarke has a height of 157 in centimeters and 5’ 2’’ (‘ for feet and ‘’ for inches). Also, she has a weight of 52 kilograms or and in pounds, it is 115. Her eyes have a color of green and have a dark brown hair color. The figure measurements of Emilia Clarke are 34-26-34 approximately. Emilia Clarke net worth in 2019 is $13 million.

Emilia Clarke Education

Emilia was natural in acting and her interest start developing at a very young age of three. She got educated in Headington at Rye St Antony School. There was another she got her education from and it was in Oxford at St Edward’s School which she left in 2005. She graduated in 2009 from Drama Centre London.

Emilia Clarke Family

Emilia Clarke has a sweet and lovely family of four members including her. She has her parents and a younger brother in her family. Her younger brother name is still anonymous to the public but there are rumors that he had studied politics. But, it is not confirmed whether he is some popular figure in politics or not. Her father, from Wolverhampton, works as a theatre sound engineer. Her mother, Jennifer Clarke, is a director at the charity known as The Animal Foundation.

Emilia Clarke Hobbies

Emilia Clarke is most interested in architecture. She also wanted to be a graphic designer as well as a singer if she could not be able to become an actor. She likes watching TV and like any other girl, she is into fashion. She is in love with eating candies too. Some other activities she enjoys a lot in her free time are swimming, ice skating, running, rowing and horseback riding.

Emilia Clarke Career

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Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones (2011)

Early work of Emilia Clarke includes two amazing plays she took part in. She also worked in Sense for the production of Company of Angels in 2009 along with commercial (in total two) in Samaritan. Few of the first movies she was in are Triassic Attack, Doctors, etc. She was also named as one of the stars of tomorrow in the UK.

In 2010, she was cast in the most famous and amazing TV series of all times that is Games of Thrones. She was cast after another actor which was disclosed due to some unknown reasons. She has received a variety of awards on playing the character Daenerys Targaryen in Games of Thrones. She has a lot of fans, thanks to this role and many people praise for this portrayal. Her role is like starting as a frightened girl which then move towards to become an empowered woman. She is one of the highest paid actors now as of 2017.
She appeared in some other movies too which are Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Spike Island. Another film was Jude Law which became a commercial failure but still, the film was able to get positive reviews.

She was also starred in Terminator Genisys along with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2015 which was a huge success but the film received a lot of unfavorable reviews from the critics. One of the highest rated films of Emilia Clarke is Me Before You which was also got a huge success in the commercial domain. She also starred in Voice From The Stone. Some other films are The Beauty Inside, Above Suspicion and The Guns of August. She was on a lead in a Star Wars movie which was Solo: A Star Wars Story.

No matter what movie she was cast in, she works great. She was able to get a lot of nominations and win awards of a different kind.

Emilia Clarke Net Worth

The net worth of Emilia Clarke estimated to be worth 13 million dollars. This estimate is according to the celebrity net worth. Her salary is around 2 million dollars per episode in Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke net worth includes remuneration from movies, TV shows, and brand endorsements.

Emilia Clarke Boyfriends

There are some rumors that she got married. This is due to her being reserved a lot and not just in her movies. It is the same in her real life. But, actually, they are just rumors and she has no kids or is married to someone. She is single. Up till now, some of the boyfriends whose relationships are open to the public.

First boyfriend was Seth MacFarlane who is an American Cartoonist. This was in 2012-13. The second boyfriend was James Franco who is an actor and there were rumors of them that they are dating in 2013. The third one was Cory Michael Smith who is also an actor and this as in 2014.

Unknown Facts about Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke got some facts that you may not know of: Those facts are as follows:

  • She is quite a singer including jazz and cabaret singing.
  • She plays musical instruments such as flute, piano, and guitar as well very well.
  • She got a tattoo too, of bumblebee that is.
  • The has traveled to various countries like India, South Africa, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
  • Emilia Clarke is quite a backpacker.
  • All of the nude scenes were done by Emilia herself. There was nobody double at all.
  • She used to work 5 jobs before she got a huge break.
  • She has sports interest like ice skating, horse riding, and running.
  • She wanted to be an actor from a very early age
  • She was not the first person to be cast for Daenerys.
  • The nudity was not an easy task for Clarke.
  • She had also received some straight talk from her father.
  • The most interesting fact is that fans often are not able to recognize Emilia Clarke in public.
  • She was used to getting bullied due to her eyebrow in her childhood.