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Megan fox Biography

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Megan Fox in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Megan Fox is an actress and model; her date of birth is May 16, 1984, in Memphis. She, Megan, right from a very early age took an interest in singing and dancing. When she was 5 years old, she started singing and dancing lesson when her family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. She was 13 years old when she started acting and modeling classes in Florida. Megan Fox net worth in 2019 is $8 million.

Megan Fox height is 5′ 4″ (163 cm). She weighs about 114 lbs or 52 Kg. Her measurements are 34-22-32 inch and she wears a 34B bra size. Her hair color is Dark Brown and eyes color is Blue.

Megan Fox Education

Megan Fox was born to father Gloria Darlene and Franklin Thomas fox who was a parole officer. Later, when Megan was just 3 years old her parents got divorced. After this, her mother married for the second time and Megan and her sister were raised by their mother and stepfather, Tony Tonachio. Bother her parents were quite strict with both sisters and were not even allowed to have friends in the house or have any boyfriend. During this time she attended Catholic school for 12 years. According to her, she lived with her mother until she earned enough money to support herself.

According to Megan, she always hated school. She says that during my school time there was nothing important that I learned from school which made up my mind that there is no need for me to gain any formal education. Moreover, she said she was not that famous in school or high school and as bullied by all other students. The reason was that she used to get along with boys very well instead of girls and this thing irritated everyone a lot. According to her, she has only one girlfriend in her entire life until now.

Megan Fox Early life

Megan Fox is super talented and beautiful won many awards for her modeling and acting in 1999. She participated and won with flying colors in the American modeling convention. After this success, she was dropped out from his school and shifted to another i.e Los Angeles. After that, at the age of 16, she moved to California. In the same year, she got her leading role in the Olsen twins’ comedy film named was “holiday in the sun” in 2001 as a bratty heiress. This movie became a huge hit and went straight into DVD with a huge fan base.

After passing a few years of her life, she did many cameos in television series. Then she became a part of the Swedish soap opera known by “Ocean Ave”.

Megan Fox Breakthrough of career/ Filmography

After doing various television and film roles, the fox got her major break in 2007, she was offered to play a role model with Shia LaBeouf in the blockbuster movie of that year “Transformers” which was produced by Steven Spielberg. Megan Fox was the main romantic lead as Mikaela Banes in it. For this role, she was also selected for the breakthrough performance in MTV movie award show in 2008. After that fox featured in comedy films named as “how to lose a friend & alienate people” with Kirsten Dunst which performed excellent in England but did not make her achieve the success she got from transformers.

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Megan Fox in Transformers (2007)

In 2009 fox again performed as Mikaela Banes for the sequel of the transformer, which again was a huge hit and she appeared in the next sequel too. After that fox dropped out of the transformer franchise. If rumors are to believe then it is said that Megan gave some weird remarks about the film director in open public due to casting changes. However, both parties denied this rumor.

After that Megan appeared in many other films as main leads. Some of the films did well while some had minor successful openings.

Megan Fox Personal life and Accessories

Megan has been a part of many top sexy ladies list including FHM magazine “sexiest women alive”. She has been a part of the highly ranked 20 rising stars and top 25 hottest stars under the age of 25 lists.

As far as love life is concerned it is a bit confusing. Megan Fox got a relationship with actor Brian Austin Green who is famous for Beverley hills. After 2 years of relationship they canceled their relationship in 2009 and after some time had another engagement and later it was revealed that they both got married in Hawaii.

They both have three sons, the first one is named as Noah who was born in 2012, both born in 2014 and the second one on a journey in 2016. However in August 2015 fox announced the news of her and Brian getting separated, and later got back together again in 2016.

As far as the religious path is concerned, Megan strongly believes in her Christian beliefs and rituals, according to her, these beliefs have made her grounded and down to earth. She has a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) of self-harm, insecurities, and lower-esteem and her strong belief in religion have kept her content.

As far as her sexuality is concerned, the fox is a bisexual she says that all human beings can be attracted to both sexes and she cannot have an intimate relationship with anyone who she does not love. However, her sexual questioning came to an end when she married Brian Austin and was found being quite intimate with him.

Megan is known for her sexy image, she says that most of the women in Hollywood are known to be the symbol of sexism and it is completely fine. However, they should know how to utilize that symbol for the better. She said that is the sex symbol of the Hollywood industry because this is the way she always has been and she never wanted to sacrifice her true self just to gain success and money. Some famous personalities stated that the major fan base of Megan is due to her sexist image and her persona, which is completely fine for Megan. According to her, this is the actual Megan and she cannot change herself.

Megan Fox Net Worth

Megan Fox net worth is estimated at $8 million. The net worth of Megan Fox includes remuneration from movies, modeling jobs, and brand endorsements.

Megan Fox Social Causes

As far as Megan’s social causes are concerned, both Bran and fox is a strong supporter of saving water. For this cause, they have supported Generosity Waters and have given them funds for the construction almost ten water wells. She has funded many other social welfares and foundations too for the betterment of society and underprivileged people.