Samuel L. Jackson Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, Biography, Family & More

Samuel L. Jackson Biography

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Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man 2 (2010)

Living in the modern world and getting to see its marvels, we have across decades of undisputed fun, when it comes to movies and entertainment, there is no doubt that Hollywood indeed is at the top of their game. I am saying this because not only they have produced some of the most astounding movies and series that are not just commercial hits but also showcased unprecedented talent when it comes to skills and art. Some of the legendary actors that have been working in Hollywood since the start Mel Gibson, Jean Claude Van Damme, but today we will be talking about the one and only, Samuel L. Jackson, who has been killing it since the very start of movies and entertainment. Samuel L. Jackson net worth in 2019 is $220 million.

Samuel L. Jackson (AKA Samuel Leroy Jackson) was born in 21, 1948, although he is a veteran, there can be no comparison to his skills and potency. His place of birth was the capital of the U.S, Washington D.C, where he came across many the opportunities to test out and refine his talents. Sam weighs around 94 kg and has a height of 6 feet and 2 inches, which is pretty much commendable. Sam Jackson has not only shown his talents in movies but also done some impressive cameos which we will be discussing in detail further on.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Education

Speaking of lineage and education here, Sam had a very difficult past as he was the only child born to Elizabeth and Roy Henry Jackson, although he was born in the capital of Washington D.C he spent most of his life growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

His mother served in factories as a worker whereas his father’s occupation is unknown. When we say that Sam had a very difficult past, it is because of the absence of a father figure, although he did have a dad, he was the majority of the time absent from his life and that bred some parental issues. It is also reported that his father had no control over his behaviors and was addicted to alcoholism, his death too seemed to be of severe alcohol consumption.

Sam, as he lived in Chattanooga, went to many schools, and then afterward graduated from Riverside High School. As per his interests, he always wanted to do marine biology and because of his talents, he was finally able to do so as he completed the degree from Morehouse College, Atlanta.

He is not just known for his performance in movies and entertainment facilities, but also possess fine skills in academics.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Family

Sam Jackson was born to parents Elizabeth and Roy Henry Jackson in 1948, in the capital of Washington D.C. Although that being said he is married to spouse LaTanya Richardson which he dated for a while and both of them are parents to a beautiful daughter Zoe.
It is to be noted that Sam was the only child to his parents, so he has no siblings, reportedly.

Samuel L. Jackson’s House, Bikes and Car Collection

According to his fame and success, it would be no coincidence that he is in possession of marvelous homes and vehicles, but it is to be known that he is quite picky with these choices.

He and his spouse LaTanya bought a magnificent architectural house in Los Angeles, which is situated in the San Fernando Valley. The house cost him a fortune as he bought it in more than $8 million, reportedly. The house is gigantic in size as it accommodates more than six bedrooms, washrooms and a variety of dining halls and living rooms.

Moving on, apart from homes, Sam also has a very luxurious apartment in New York City (AKA the Big Apple). The apartment a technical marvel itself as it has been designed and manufactured by the most skilled of talents.

When it comes to cars, Sam is really picky here, as other actors and actresses are in possession of several vehicles, he prefers one main car and that is the Maybach 57 S, he got this beauty exclusively from the factory.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Filmography/ Career

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Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson in Captain Marvel (2019)

As I previously mentioned, Sam really wanted to have a degree in marine biology and he did that from the Morehouse College in Atlanta. Although it came into the realization that he was destined for far greater things. He started out his acting career in a variety of plays like The Threepenny Opera and A Soldier’s Play, both became famous because of his contributions.

After shifting places from Atlanta, he was exposed to more opportunities which could land him greater gigs and that fortunately happened as he was cast in the acclaimed gangster epic The Goodfellas, although this was just the beginning here.

He just didn’t appear in movies then he was known to share his advice and talents to legendary directors, a most common example here would be working with Steven Spielberg for the acclaimed movie Jurassic Park.

Some of Samuel L. Jackson best performances in the movies are:

  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Avengers
  • Django Unchained
  • Unbreakable
  • The Hateful Eight
  • Coach Carter
  • Jungle Fever
  • The Negotiator
  • The Incredibles (Voice Acting)

The list would go on but his talents would not end.

Samuel L. Jackson Net Worth

Samuel L. Jackson net worth is $220 million. As Sam is a big shot actor, you can only imagine his net worth, as of 2019 is a whopping of $220 million.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Spouses/ Affairs

Although Sam, just like everybody else has dated in the past, he is married to his spouse LaTanya Richardson.

Some Interesting and Unknown Facts about Samuel L. Jackson

  • In the absence of a father figure, he was nurtured and grown up by his mother who also worked in different factories
  • He completed his marine biology degree from the Morehouse College in Atlanta
  • He has won numerous Oscars and BAFTA Awards
  • Apart from movies he also did many cameos in varied movies
  • Following the tragic death of Martin Luther King, he became a civil rights activist
  • One of his most acclaimed roles was in Django Unchained.