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John Travolta Biography/ Wiki | How Much is John Travolta Worth?

John Travolta Net Worth
John Travolta in Speed Kills (2018)
Net Worth:$250 Million
Age:67 years
Height:1.88 m
Birthday:18 February 1954
Last Updated:2021

John Travolta net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $250 million. John Travolta is an award-winning legendary actor. He is also a successful film producer. John Travolta became world-famous due to his appearance in numerous movies such as Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Fever, Hairspray, Swordfish and Face/Off. John Travolta is a dancer, singer, and a writer as well. John Travolta height is 1.88 m.


John Travolta was born on the 18th of February, 1954. John Travolta age is currently 67 years. Englewood in New Jersey was his birthplace. The father of John Travolta was an Italian American. Father was previously a salesman, but then he secured his position as a professional football player. The mom of John Travolta is an Irish American. She is a singer and an actress. She was working as a high school drama teacher as well.


John Travolta attended Dwight Morrow High School in order to obtain his education. However, he didn’t complete his studies. He dropped out during the junior years because he was inspired to start a career in acting. His mother played a major role in this fact. With the influence, John Travolta decided to move to New York. He could not get directly into acting, but he decided to work for a touring company until he found a position in acting.


Kelly Preston is the wife of John Travolta. Before the marriage, there were numerous rumors circulating about him, which said that he was gay. However, he proved that all those rumors are fake after getting married to Kelly.

Kelly and John Travolta met for the very first time back in 1989, while the filming of the movie “The Experts” took place. They got married to each other in 1991. As of now, the couple has three children. The first son is named as Jett, who was born in 1992. Then they have a daughter named Ella Blue, born in the year 200 and a son named Benjamin, who was born in the year 2010.

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Filmography/ Career

John Travolta Pulp Fiction (1994)
John Travolta in Pulp Fiction (1994)

John Travolta appeared in a movie for the very first time in 1976. The movie was titled as Carrie. In the meantime, he was seen acting in the sitcom titled Welcome Back as well. He released some songs during this time as well. In fact, one of his songs titled Let Her In got into top 10 lists in the Billboard Hot 100 list.

The performance of John Travolta in the movie named Grease in 1978 was an outstanding one. In fact, he was able to be nominated for an Oscar award in this movie. The movie had a budget of just $6 million, but it was able to attract more than $400 million.

During the 1980s, John Travolta has been struggling a bit. He performed in numerous movies, but most of them didn’t become as popular as he expected. However, 1989 was a good year for him because he got the opportunity to play a major role in the romantic comedy named Look Who’s Talking. This movie had a budget of just $7.5 million, but it was able to receive over $300 million. This contributed a lot towards the popularity of John Travolta as well.

Pulp Fiction, which came out in 1994 was another prominent movie for John Travolta. Travolta play the lead role along with Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, and Bruce Willis. In fact, he was able to drive the movie with a budget of $8.5 million to earn over $214 million with his outstanding performance.

He was later able to earn $6 million from the movie Get Shorty. Along with that, he appeared in the movie Michael, where he earned $12 million. Likewise, he was seen in multiple movies along with time. With the performance in every single movie, he was able to increase the total amount of money that he could earn.

John Travolta Net Worth in 2021

John Travolta Grease (1978)
John Travolta Grease (1978)

As of 2021, John Travolta Net Worth is estimated at more than $250 million. This successful figure had many achievements in a variety of industries. As a result, he has been able to secure a net worth of $250 million as of now. He is one of the highest-earning Hollywood stars as of now as well.

Due to the massive balance in the bank account, John Travolta is now living a luxurious life. In addition to that, he is exploring some expensive hobbies as well. For example, he has got four different aircraft. He is a licensed private pilot as well. He has got two massive aircraft runways in his mansion, which worth $4.9 million each.

House and Vehicles

John Travolta has got a massive estate in Ocala, Florida. It is worth $5 million. It has a large garage, which can accommodate 16 cars. In addition to that, he has got two private runways in his property as well.

John Travolta is into aircraft, more than luxury cars. He is a private pilot as well. He has got four aircrafts as of now. He donated the ex-Qantas Boeing 707 flight to the Aircraft Restoration Society in the United States.

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Some Interesting Facts About John Travolta

  • During childhood, John Travolta was raised within a Roman Catholic Church. The family of John Travolta attended this church along with him every Sunday for the mass.
  • John Travolta got into his first professional job in the year 2016. That’s where he got into the production of the musical named Bye Bye Birdie.
  • John Travolta has been a practitioner of Scientology as well. In fact, he has been practicing Scientology since the year 1975.
  • John Travolta has got excellent dance moves. In fact, he was able to win a rave review for the excellent dance moves. The dance moves of John Travolta contributed a lot towards his success in the action movies as well.
  • It took a considerable amount of time for John Travolta to develop his dance moves as well. For example, he practiced for nine long months to develop the dance moves, which he used in the movie titled “Saturday Night Fever”.

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John Travolta Wiki/ Bio – Quick Info

  • Real Name/ Full name: John Joseph Travolta
  • Age (As on 2021): 67 years
  • Birth Date/ Birthday : 18 February 1954
  • Nickname: Bone
  • Hometown: Englewood, New Jersey, U.S.
  • Nationality : American
  • Father Name: Salvatore Travolta
  • Mother Name: Helen Cecilia Burke
  • Spouse/ Wife: Kelly Preston (m. 1991)
  • Zodiac sign/ Sun sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 188 cm or 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 m
  • Weight: almost 97 kgs or 214 lbs
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • First Film/ Debut Film: The Devil’s Rain (1975)
  • Net Worth in 2021 (Approx): $250 million
  • Social Links: NA

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