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Margot Robbie Biography

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Margot Robbie in Focus (2015)

Full name of Margot Robbie is Margot Elise Robbie and informally classed as Maggot. She is an amazing Australian actress. She is also a film producer. She was born in Dalby, Australia. Her date of births is the second of July in 1990 and currently, is 28 years old. Margot Robbie has a height of 168 in centimeters and 5’ 6’’ (‘ for feet and ‘’ for inches). Also, she has a weight of 57 kilograms or and in pounds, it is 125. Her eyes have a color of turquoise. She is blonde. The figure measurements of Margot Robbie are 34-22-34 approximately. Margot Robbie net worth in 2019 is $12 million.

Margot Robbie Education

She chose drama at school which is an interesting choice for her. She graduated from Somerset College. She relocated herself to Melbourne to start her acting career professionally when she was 17 years old.

Margot Robbie Family

Margot Robbie father, Doug Robbie, was a sugarcane farmer and her mother, Sarie Kessler, is a physiotherapist. Maggot has two brothers and one sister. The older brother of Maggot is, Lachlan Robbie, a stuntman working in the movies. The one who is the youngest to Margot. Cameron is inspired by its sister and is also working as an actor. Sister, Anya Robbie, is married who is a sister to her. She has a nephew too named as Sebby. Robbie also married to a British director Tom Ackerley. The maternal grandparents are Herb and Verna Kessler.

Margot Robbie Hobbies

Margot Robbie has some pretty interesting hobbies. Her hobbies include biking, surfing, and hunting which is all fun and unique in its own way. It is so because their nature of all the activities she likes is quite different from each other which can be super excited to other people as well.

Margot Robbie Career/ Filmography

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Will Smith and Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad (2016)

When she was 17, she came to Melbourne to start her acting career professionally in 2007. With her amazing talents, she was able to get a role in I.C.U without any agent, not just any role it was a lead role. She has also worked in various commercials. She appeared in various plots as a guest starts such as City Homicide and The Elephant Princess. In Neighbors, she first appeared as a guest star but was soon promoted to a regular member of the cast of Neighbors. For an ensemble of famous Australian faces in 2009 on the network, she was cast in Network Ten promotions too.

After being in Los Angeles, she gave an audition for a TV series of Charlie’s Angels, but she was cast in Pan Am in a whole different kind of series. Pan Am got canceled just after one season. But, this helps Robbie to land roles in other movies. She cast in a romantic comedy known as About Time in 2012. The film received quite a positive response and got a huge profit out of it too. In 2013, she landed a role in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio which was a huge success. In 2014, she started her own production company which was named as LuckyChap Entertainment. In 2015, she landed a role in another movie Focus with Will Smith which was another success and received quite good responses from various parties. She also appeared in Suite Françoise with Michelle Williams; The Big Short with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling; and in a documentary known as Neighbors 30th: The Stars Reunite. She co-starred in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. She was also cast in an amazing movie in which Robbie played a fun and villainy and heroic role as Harley Quinn and the movie name was Suicide Squad.

In 2017, Robbie was stared in Goodbye Christopher Robin. She was also stared in me, Tonya and beyond. She is the queen in a movie Mary Queen of Scots. Also, Robbie was the voice of a rabbit in a movie Peter Rabbit. Other than that, Robbie has also been nominated for a variety of awards and win too.

Further movies that she will be a part of our Suicide Squad 2, Bad Monkeys (committed to being in this thriller novel), Birds of Prey and a Dreamland (which Robbie is co-producing).

Margot Robbie Net Worth

The net worth of Margot Robbie estimated to be worth 12 million dollars. After being appeared in the star of show Pan Am which lasted only one season, she was able to get much more. She was able to get some pretty good supporting roles in a variety of movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street and in About Time as well.

Margot Robbie Boyfriends

Margot Robbie has no boyfriends or any kind of affairs. Robbie is happily married to Tom Ackerley and is dedicated to her work as well. The couple is quite happy and is living a happy life with each other.

Facts about Margot Robbie

Everyone got facts. Some are boring, some are amazing, some are funny, some are scary and those facts of Margot Robbie are as follows:

  • Margot Robbie was raised on a farm.
  • For a sex scene shot, she drank tequila and took three shots of it to prepare for it with Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • She is also one of the members of Greenpeace.
  • When it is about fashion, Margot does not consider her there as much as girls are in that department.
  • Jillian Barberie was the one who she romantically connected within 2004.
  • Margot loves hockey and throws herself all in when she is watching her favorite hockey game.
  • The role of an amazing and fun and villainy and heroic role as Harley Quinn in a Suicide Squad was simply offered to her.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street was never being watched by her grandparents.
  • She eats carrot sticks to look fit only when she needs to for three days. Otherwise, she is into fries, burgers, and beers.
  • The new face of Calvin Klein is Margot Robbie.
  • Maggot is a nickname given to Margot Robbie by her amazing and loving family.