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Channing Tatum Biography | How Much is Channing Tatum Worth?

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Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (2012)

Channing Tatum net worth in 2020 is $60 million. Channing Tatum is an American singer and actor who was born on 26 April 1980. His place of birth is Cullman, Alabama, United States of America. His full name is Channing Matthew Tatum. He is 40 years old.

Channing Tatum height is 6.5 feet tall. He has a weight of about 83 kilograms which are almost 181 pounds. He is a very good Looking and attractive personality. He has a green eye color, and the color of his hair is brown. His shoe size is 10.5 US, and his biceps are estimated as 16 inches. He is liked by his fans. His zodiac sign is Taurus.


Channing Tatum has a short and happy family. His father is an airline worker whose name is Glenn Tatum. Her mother’s name is Kay Tatum. He has two siblings. Christopher Anderson is his brother, and Paige Tatum is his sister.

Jenna Dewan is his wife from whom he has a cute daughter named Everly Tatum. His ancestors are Nancy Lee Bursch, Glenn Tatum, and Darryll Dewan. His uncles are Daniel Dewan, Shane Dewan, and Nathan Dewan. Missy Dewan is one of his aunts. Although he was from a poor family background, his father was not very rich, but he fulfills all his necessities of life as best as he could.


Channing Tatum started his early education from Tampa Catholic high school in 1998. Then he moved to Wetumpka and from there to Mississippi, at that time his age was six years. He went to Gaither High school which is in Florida. He also went to Glenville state college. He was suffered from a serious disease due to which he was not able to do well in his education. Due to this disability, he was taught in a special classroom which was for special children.

Acting Career/ Filmography

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in Step Up (2006)

Channing Tatum started his acting career first as a model. He worked in front of the camera as a model of fashion. His filmography started in 2004 when he came up in CSI in Miami. With its success, he began to work and earned many different roles in the film industry. He is best known for his work in Magic Mike with Olivia Munn in 2012. Here his character was of the lead role. He did comedy and action movie released in 2012, named 21 Jump street with Ice Cube, Brie Larson. Its success leads to another action movie 22 jump street. His romantic movies are Dear Jon (2013) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore; and The Vow (2012) with Rachel McAdams.

Some other films of Channing Tatum are White House Down (2013) with Jamie Foxx, She’s the Man (2006) with Amanda Bynes, The Dilemma (2011) with Jennifer Connelly, Fox catcher (2014) with Mark Ruffalo, Hail! Caesar (2016) with Josh Brolin, The Hateful Eight (2015) with Samuel L. Jackson, and Logan Lucky (2017) with Daniel Craig. He started his career in the film industry in 2000, and he is continuing till yet.

Business Production Companies

Channing Tatum has started two companies mainly focused on production. One is 33andOut productions, and the other company is Iron horse entertainment. Here they started huge and massive projects for enhancing growth and production in a specific area. Their first production was based on documentation. Its title was Earth made of glass.

Personal Life

In 2006, Channing Tatum met with Jenna Dewan when they both were shooting their movie Set up. They built a good relationship and got married in 2009. Their marriage ceremony took place in California at Estates Vineyards church in Malibu. In 2013, when they both were together in London, they got a special gift of a daughter in the same year in the month of May. After having 9 years of strong bond and relation, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan officially announced that they are going to separate. It was on 2 April 2018. After six months of this official announcement, she filed a divorce against her husband.


He started his career as a dancer in different music shows. He went for a music audition at Florida, he was selected there, and her salary for this job was 400 dollars. Then he moved to the fashion industry and worked as a model there. His experience was very good there.

Being a model, he worked with famous clients Armani and Abercrombie and Fitch. After this, he moved towards the television industry. There he started working in various advertisements. Then he worked in a commercial of soft drinks dew and Pepsi. After this, he signed a contract with a modeling agency. There his magazine was also published. From there he got a splendid success.

In October 2011 he was selected amongst one of the “50 most beautiful faces” and was sent to New York for continuing his modeling career. In 2006, he worked in She’s the man. In 2012 he made a decision that he will be going to be the producer of every film in which he will be acting as a co-star. He signed a 2 years contract with his wife and a partner Reid Carolin, which was based on the production of media for all the movies they will be going to develop.

Awards and Nominations

For his successful acting and modeling career, he has given many awards by associations, people and even teenagers. He also got nominated in various categories for the award. By golden raspberry and critics choice movie awards, he was nominated for best and worst actor. Independent spirit award gave her a special award of distinction for his work in for catcher. He got nominated in a huge list of MTV movie and TV awards. He got a favorite movie actor award by the people who like him, and he also got awards for best actor in the drama category by teenagers.

Channing Tatum Net worth 2020

With a huge variety of works and role, as director, actor, singer, model he did his best to make a valuable net worth. According to an estimate, the net worth of Channing Tatum is about 60 million dollars. He really does true hard work in achieving such a great amount. This is his alone net worth. No one’s share is in it. Even his wife has a net worth of her own.

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